The Mummy 4 (2025): The Poster Real Or Fake? | Brendan Return

The Mummy 4 (2025)

The poster of The Mummy 4 2025 has been released, is this poster real or not, this question is circulating on social media, everyone is wondering if the hero of the film, Brandon Frazier, will return to the film or not, today we have The Mummy 4 We will try to find answers to the questions that arise in people’s minds related to Four, so don’t go anywhere and stay connected with us only then you will know the truth.

Will Brendan Fraser Return?

Following a leaked poster indicating The Mummy 4, Brendan Frasier’s fans would like to see if the film would transpire. What about the new rumor and Rachel Weisz? Will he also return for it? This is everything we know about another possible Mummy movie, and if it will feature Brendan Fraser or Tom Cruise.

The Mummy Poster News True or False

Are the rumors about The Mummy 4 poster for 2025 true or false?
The Universal Logo and Mummy 4 poster is a fake. The rumor for The Mummy 4 is based on a fake poster. However, the movie is still in pre-production.

The production of another film beyond the original three commenced, but it was scrapped and instead, The Mummy (2017), which featured Tom Cruise, got a chance. But in recent times, a fake poster featuring the title “The Mummy: The Fountain of the Persian Knights has started to go viral on the net.
The poster states that the film will arrive in 2025 and goes along with the following rumored logline.

Three years later, the father is still searching but has no idea where his son might be, or even whether the boy is still alive. Suddenly, there is a sliver of hope, the young man has been discovered, abducted by the forces of evil. Prepare yourself for Universal Pictures.

Will Brendan Fraser Come Back In The Mummy 4?

No, Brendan Fraser is not returning as Rick O’Connell for The Mummy 4, and neither is Rachel Weiz as Evelyn Carnahan. The film isn’t happening!

The preceding rumor implied that they were coming back now; however, it is not true at all. at an earlier stage in the year 2023, Fraser confided on Deadline that he could opt for a comeback when The Mummy 4 materializes. He said:

The question has been open-ended for some time now. I have no problem with that – I doubt whether there is any actor anywhere who would refuse work if he were offered one. This has got to be the most famous and yet still have not made any pay. So, count me in!. Eventually, he also revealed to Variety magazine that ” some idea struck on a conceit about my return”. Considering there is no new Mummy movie on the way, it is likely that there won’t be any Fraser comeback for now.

Why Did The Mummy 2017 Fail?

“The Mummy” was promoted misleadingly in 2017, focusing on insignificant facts and leading to unrealistic expectations by filmgoers. Although Tom Cruise was part of the movie, his role seemed hollow compared to the level of depth of his acting talents.

It’s not the most professional lingo, but it worked wonders; The Mummy 4 remained shredded in the hopes the series would get rebooted, and the desire to watch Rachel Weisz in the new installment was fatal. It was easily accepted by many people. “Rick’s Family Adventures.Announcement” The stated logline of this film coming in May 2025 reads thus; The film will tell a story about the family, danger, and self-search for hope in one of the last Rick’s adventures. will have to kick in. Release your son from the “evil forces“ which has kept him in captivity for the last three years.


In an age where sequels of old films have been seen, the possibility of a return to The Mummy franchise is still uncertain. However Brendan Fraser wishes to recast her in The Mummy Four but it is not yet final, as fans continue to speculate about the future of The Mummy, only time will reveal if. The iconic franchise will resurface.

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