iPhone Sales World Record In 2023, Apple Beats Samsung

Apple Beats Samsung

iPhone sales set a world record in 2023, and Apple beats Samsung, another historical honor for Apple has come, Apple has become the company that sells the most smartphones in 2023. If you look at last year’s figures, Apple is the leader in smartphone sales, as IDC and Canalys released new figures for the year 2023, according to which Apple has overtaken Samsung.

More Than 23 Crore Sales Of Apple In 2023

According to the IDC report, in the year 2023, Apple set a new record by selling more than 234.6 million iPhones. While Samsung’s sales were lower in comparison, Samsung sold 22.66 million smartphones while Xiaomi sold 14.59 million smartphones worldwide in the same period.

This is the first time that the iPhone has overtaken Samsung in mobile sales, as Samsung held the smartphone sales record for more than 13 years, from 2010 to 2023. Samsung has fallen behind Apple in the race to sell mobile phones.

The iPhone Was Honored For The First Time

According to the report, Apple has received the honor for the first time. Surprisingly, in 2023, more expensive iPhones were sold than Apple’s cheaper iPhones. According to the data, in 2023, due to the economic crisis, inflation, and uncertainty, the sales of smartphones around the world were seen to decline. Similarly, overall smartphone sales during 2023 saw a decline of 3.2 percent compared to 2022. But according to experts, there is a possibility of improvement in the sales of smartphones in the year 2024.

It is also worth mentioning here that Apple is the only company that has sold more than 234 million iPhones in the year 2017. The report of International Data Corporation also released the performance report of last year according to which Xiaomi, OPPO, And with Transsion, the three Chinese phone manufacturers, trailing Samsung with 19.4% of the market.

Apple Is The Only Player In The Top Three

After 22 years of honors, Apple has emerged as the only player in the top three, with interest-free financing options and trade-in offers on obsolete models also fueling demand for high-end gadgets like Apple’s.
The world’s largest maker of memory chips, cell phones, and televisions lost its title today, as the South Korean electronics behemoth explained that global demand for consumer electronics is falling, which is why business is suffering.

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