Pak-Iran Tension, Pakistan’s Responded To Iran’s Missile Attack

Pakistan's Response Iran's Attack

The tension between Pak-Iran began to rise, Pakistan responded to Iran’s attack on Baluchistan, and Pakistan launched Operation Marg Bar and Sarmachar, in the morning hours according to Pakistani time, on BLA and BLF terrorists based in Iran. The attack was carried out, the Foreign Office spokesman also confirmed, saying that several militants were killed in the attack.

Pakistan’s Retaliatory Attack On Iran’s Sistan Province

According to the spokesman of the Foreign Office, Pakistan targeted the specific shelters of terrorists in the province of Sistan, Iran.

A spokesperson of the Pakistani Foreign Office clarified that due to a lack of action on serious concerns, the so-called Sarmachar continued to shed the blood of innocent Pakistanis.

Iran Attacked Pakistan First

It should be remembered that on Tuesday night, Iran’s security forces first violated Pakistan’s airspace, Iran launched a missile attack on the border village of Sabzkoh in Balochistan province, in which two children were killed and three girls were injured. Iran has fired missiles not only at Pakistan but also at Iraq and Syria, causing a huge loss of life and property.

Return Of Ambassadors Before The Attack On Iran

Before the attack on Iran, Pakistan had announced to recall of its ambassador and expel the Iranian ambassador, the spokesperson of the Foreign Office warned that the attack on Pakistan’s sovereignty by Iran is a violation of international law, and Iran’s move is against the UN Charter. Contrary to the objectives and principles, this illegal practice is totally unacceptable. It was also said that the responsibility for the results will be entirely on Iran, we have conveyed this message to the Iranian government.

According to the spokesman of the Foreign Office, all high-level visits to Iran have also been suspended. It has also decided to suspend ongoing or scheduled visits between Pakistan and Iran in the coming days.

America’s Response To Pakistan-Iran Tension

On the other hand, the US has also reacted to the growing tension between Pakistan and Iran. The US has condemned Iran’s attack on Pakistan. Matthew Miller, the spokesperson of the US State Department, has said that Iran has violated the sovereign borders of three neighboring countries. In violation, Iran is the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the region.

Earlier, in the statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, Iran and Pakistan have been appealed to act with restraint. At the same time, both sides were asked to avoid increasing tension.

Monitoring Of Western Flights Coming From Iran

After the tension with Iran, Pakistan developed a new strategy, Pakistan started strict monitoring of all flights coming from the western direction, including Iran. Instructions have also been given to be on alert for all flights coming from the West within Pakistani borders. Apart from this, Air Traffic Control has also been strictly instructed to collect details of all Western flights, including Iran, which were not being monitored prior to the tensions.

Sources have confirmed that the airspace between Pakistan and Iran is open for commercial flights, however, the ATC has not received an instruction regarding the closure of the airspace for Iran.

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