Rohit Shetty’s Web Series Indian Police Force Full Review

Indian Police Force Review

Rohit Shetty’s web series Indian Police Force Full Review, a new web series released on Amazon, review of Shilpa Shetty and Rohit Shetty’s web series is not different from other web series, the difference is that this series has big characters. The actor has appeared on the small screen.

Web Series Trailer Goes Viral

The trailer of Indian Police Force was released before the release, which was liked by the fans, now when the series was released, people’s wait was over, and the web series became popular on social media as soon as it was released. His heroes started trending.

Shilpa Shetty Started Trending

Hashtag Rohit Shetty and Shilpa Shetty became the top trend on social media, the reason for both trending is the release of the web series because on January 19 Indian Police Force was released and people started searching for them on the same day.

Rohit Shetty’s Streaming Debut

Rohit Shetty’s streaming debut is different from his other Bollywood films, claiming that he didn’t have to change gears while making his first series, Indian Police Force. Rohit Shetty seems to appreciate the action-packed web series, and why shouldn’t he appreciate his own web series?

Hero Siddharth Malhotra

The hero of the web series is Siddharth Malhotra and fans have called his choice great, besides Siddharth’s portrayal of the police in the episode is admirable.

In Short

  • ‘Indian Police Force’ is Rohit Shetty’s debut web series which was released on January 19.
  • The show is available for streaming on Prime Video.
  • It features Sidharth Malhotra, Shilpa Shetty, Vivek Oberoi, and others.
Rohit Shetty Is The Producer Of The Film

The film was produced for the first time by Rohit Shetty, while the story was also written by him, along with Rohit Shetty, Sandeep Sakat, Anusha Nandakumar, Ayush Trivedi, Vidhi Ghodgaonkar and Sanchit Bedre are also among the writers of the story.

The Cast Of The Indian Police Force

Shilpa Shetty, Siddharth Malhotra, Vivek Oberoi, Mukesh Rishi, Shweta Ashok, Mrinal Kulkarni, Nikitin Dhir, Mayank Tandon, Ritu Raj Singh, Esha Talwar, and others have surprised everyone by showing the essence of acting in Indian Police Force.

The Story Of The Web Series
The action-packed web series depicts the Delhi blasts in which Siddharth Malhotra, Shilpa Shetty, and Vivek Oberoi are seen trying to arrest the accused. In the film, Siddharth plays the role of Kabir, and his mother is played by Murnal Kulkarni, Kabir comforts the wife of his fellow police officer who dies on duty.

The show features Mayank Tandon as a villain who has the ability to blend in with the crowd instead of Sproul. Rohit Shetty, the director of Bollywood’s Superblockbuster films, made a big claim even before the release of the web series, in a conversation with the Indian media, he said that he could also include all the big actors in the web series, he was asked which ones he would like.

Will include big actors, he replied that Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, and Salman Khan will also be included in the web series. Rohit made it clear that he would not leave any big actor and would take everyone along.

The media asked if you had made a plan regarding these three, so you replied, be patient, the whole industry will be made a coop now, don’t get tensed, no one will be left. By the way, Rohit Shetty’s last film with Shah Rukh Khan was Chennai Express which was a super hit.


Q1: What is Rohit Shetty’s latest venture, ‘Indian Police Force,’ about? A: ‘Indian Police Force’ delves into the chaotic world of Delhi Police as they grapple with a series of bombings orchestrated by the Indian Mujahideen.

Q2: Who are the key creators behind the series? A: The series is helmed by Rohit Shetty himself, alongside Sushwanth Prakash.

Q3: Can you tell me about the cast of ‘Indian Police Force’? A: The series boasts a star-studded cast, featuring actors such as Sidharth Malhotra, Vivek Oberoi, and Shilpa Shetty, among others.

Q4: How would you describe the narrative of the series? A: According to our review, the narrative of ‘Indian Police Force’ is deemed predictable.

Q5: What challenges do the Delhi Police face in the series? A: The Delhi Police in the series are depicted grappling with a series of bombings carried out by the Indian Mujahideen, adding an element of chaos and tension.

Q6: Is Rohit Shetty actively involved in the series creation? A: Yes, Rohit Shetty is actively involved in the creation of ‘Indian Police Force,’ serving as one of the key creators.

Q7: Are there any standout performances in the series? A: The series features notable performances from the star-studded cast, with specific details available in the review.

Q8: How has the series been reviewed overall? A: According to our review, ‘Indian Police Force’ has a predictable narrative, as mentioned earlier.

Q9: When was the series released? A: The release date of ‘Indian Police Force’ is not provided in the provided content. Please check official sources for the most up-to-date information.

Q10: Where can I watch ‘Indian Police Force’? A: Information about the streaming platform or network hosting ‘Indian Police Force’ is not included. Please refer to official sources for this information.


An Indian director introduced a television series called Indian Police Force, directed by Rohit Shetty and Suswant Prakash. The series explores the chaotic world of the Delhi Police as they deal with bomb blasts orchestrated by Indian Mujahideen. The web series features actors like Siddharth Malhotra, Vivek Oberoi, and Shilpa Shetty.

In essence, the series is presented as an intense portrayal of law enforcement agencies dealing with a challenging situation, Rohit Shetty’s first-ever web series which is currently trending on Twitter. Now it remains to be seen whether the filmmakers are planning to bring the big stars to the small screen because in the near future there is going to be something similar to the Indian Police Force starring big actors. has gone What is your opinion, will this be the case in the upcoming two, please share your opinion by commenting.

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