India vs Australia: Why India Lost In The World Cup 2023?

India vs Australia World Cup

India vs Australia results, cricket world cup 2221 won by Australia, why did India lose, various reasons came out, did India miss the opportunity after twelve years, did India not get the desired pitch despite all the conspiracies. Having to face defeat due to a meeting? Why was there no success, was the World Cup final between Australia and India fixed, was India punished for not giving Indian visas to Pakistanis, we will try to find the answers to all these questions in today’s article.

Australia won the sixth World Cup

Australia won the biggest competition in the world of cricket, after defeating India, Australia became the world champion of cricket for the sixth time, but this victory left questions in people’s minds, India remained undefeated in the entire World Cup only one match. The defeat lost the World Cup, but the reason for India’s worst defeat was India itself. Turns out, the Indian media itself has invented the pitch change, the Indian media blamed their own team for the defeat.

The Pitch Controversy

Finally, why was India accused of changing the pitch in the World Cup, there are some bitter facts that must be stated, the first accusation occurred at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai where India played the semi-final against New Zealand but A few hours before the match, India changed the pitch by using its influence without the permission of the ICC, the pitch change pool was opened by the British media and since then India became controversial. The report claimed that if India reached the final.

The match would be played on the slow pitch of the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad and 100% of the same was done, but failure was destined for India. As per the ICC rules, the host board is responsible for the selection and preparation of the pitch and it is not necessary for the team that reaches the final to play on a new pitch.

Ricky Ponting’s Description Of The Change Of Pitch

After the failure of the Indian batting in the final match of the World Cup, the confusion regarding the pitch increased, the invincible Indian team seemed to give big targets to the opposing team in all the matches, but in the final of the event, the Indian team could only score 240 runs. There are reasons why people have expressed concerns. Former Australian captain Ricky Ponting also had a big reaction to the pitch change. Said that the choice of wicket cost India dearly which they will never forget.

ICC Clarification On Pitch Change

On the other hand, the ICC also came out with an explanatory statement on the pitch change in the semi-final of the World Cup, in which it was stated that the pitch change was done on the recommendation of the ground curator and the host country and this was done by the ICC pitch consultant. was aware of Contrary to the ICC statement, BCCI officials said something else about the change of pitches.

on which were sent to him directly by the Indian team management. This proves that important people including BCCI were involved in winning the World Cup final but all the conspiracies failed. However, unfortunately, India fell apart despite all the tactics and Australia became the king of cricket after defeating the host India by six wickets on its own soil.

The Reason For The Defeat Was The Pitch Change

On the other hand, the Indian media has also blamed the pitch change for the defeat in the World Cup final. There has been a lot of discussion on the pitch change on social media. A bouncing pitch should have been demonstrated, but a defensive approach was adopted by intentionally making a dead pitch.

The Indian media has done a post-mortem of their own team on the defeat in the final, the Indian media has pointed out five points for the defeat in such a big event. Including Shibman Gill’s performance, slow middle overs, sending Ravindra Jadeja in place of Surya Kumar Yadav, making Mohammad Siraj bowl early, and failing to put pressure on Australia, all these reasons led India to be humiliated on their own soil.

2 Indians Die After Defeat In World Cup

Along with the Indian media, cricket fans were also disappointed with their team, two young men died after India’s defeat in the World Cup final, a young man allegedly committed suicide in Odisha, and another incident occurred in Himachal Pradesh on the same day. When India lost the final, an HRTC bus driver died of a heart attack.

India vs Australia World Cup
India vs Australia: Why India Lost In The World Cup 2023?
People’s Reaction to India vs Australia World Cup

The defeat of India in the final of the World Cup caused outrage on social media, and the World Cup became the top trend in 2023, but at the same time, there was a good trend against the Indian team. Dia, the fans termed the team’s fielding as poor and the Indian team missed the golden opportunity after twelve years.

Apart from this, numerous protests were held against their own team all over India, the protesters were seen protesting in the rain carrying pictures of the captain of the Indian team and Virat Kohli, and the protesters were seen shouting slogans with sticks in their hands. However, Pakistani fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar consoled the Indian fans and said that they should be proud that their team reached the final but it was a win-lose game. There is always only one winner in any game.

Indian Players Cried To India vs Australia Match

Indian players cried after their defeat in the final of the ICC Men’s World Cup, the video of which went viral on social media. On the one hand, the Kangaroos players continued to celebrate the victory on the ground, while on the other hand, Indian captain Rohit Sharma, fast bowler Mohammad Siraj and other players were a picture of grief.

What happened was that as the final moments of the match approached and the Australian batsman hit the winning shot, tears started flowing from the eyes of fast bowler Muhammad Siraj. Along with this, Virat Kohli also cried and captain Rohit Sharma walked out of the ground in tears.

Before the final, India remained unbeaten in the entire tournament, 9 matches of the group stage, and then the Indian team won against New Zealand in the semi-final. Despite all this, Australia defeated India and made all Indians cry. Australia has become the most successful team in the history of the Cricket World Cup six times. Earlier, Australia has won the World Cup in 1987, 1999, 2003, 2007, and 2015.

On the invitation of Australia, India batted first and the whole team could score only 240 runs in 50 overs, KL Rahul could only score 66 runs and Virat Kohli could only score 54 runs. The target of 241 runs was achieved in 43 overs thanks to the excellent batting of Travis Head and Labushin.


Q1: Why did India lose in the World Cup?
A1: Undefeated India won all the matches but lost in the final due to their own conspiracies which were hatched by BCCI and Australia took advantage of their own conspiracies and won.

Q2: Was the pitch change the main reason for India’s defeat?
A2: Although pitch change has been highlighted as a factor, it is important to recognize that results in cricket are multi-dimensional. The pitch, though influential, was not the sole determinant of India’s defeat.

Q3: Were there conspiracies around the World Cup final?
A3: There were speculations about the final being fixed or influenced by external factors. However, it is important to rely on hard evidence and recognize that cricket matches are primarily decided by player skill and team strategy.

Q4: What was the reaction of the Indians to the defeat in the final?
A4: There was a strong public reaction to India’s defeat in the World Cup final, two people lost their lives, and protests were also held in different areas.

Q5: Did visa issues with Pakistan affect India’s performance?
A5: Visa issues with Pakistan, while a controversial topic, should not be directly linked to India’s defeat. Cricket matches are played on merit and performance on the field remains the main factor.


If we compare the World Cup 2023, then the Indian cricket team suffered the biggest loss, the main reason being that there was a thief in their heart, in all the conspiracies that India made to win the World Cup, There was a setback, as the BCCI changed the pitch to win the World Cup for India and made a slow pitch which led to India’s loss, in addition to Australia’s worst defeat to India by six wickets. There was also a lot of discussion on social media, I think India has never had to face such humiliation as it has to face in this World Cup, now there is a lot of commotion in the whole of India regarding their cricket team, so it will meet after twelve years. India missed the chance to win the World Cup, and the world will never forget it.

India vs Australia World Cup
India vs Australia: Why India Lost In The World Cup 2023?
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