David Benavidez vs. Demetrius Andrade Fight Result

David Benavidez vs. Demetrius

David Benavidez won the fight, his big match against Demetrius Andrade on November 25th. But David Benavidez is still on the top trend of Google, the reason for his trend is his dangerous boxing match which was decisive, how David Benavidez stays undefeated and what is his practice. Will try to find answers to all these questions.

David Benavidez Won In The Sixth Round

David Benavidez knocked out Demetrius Andrade in the 6th round, Demetrius Andrade was stopped due to injury, Demetrius and Reid’s corner after David Benavidez’s big attack, Andrade suffered the biggest loss of his career, in addition, David Benavidez met the famous boxing fighter My Tyson after defeating Demetrius, Mike Tyson also hugged David Benavidez and expressed good wishes for his victory.

The video and photos of Mike Tyson and David Benavidez hugging are also on social media. are going viral fast, not only both are being searched a lot on Twitter, but it seems that Davidbina Waddys got sixty percent success out of ten rounds. Fans also believe that only David Benavidez will win this terrible fight because we are watching the fight live so we can’t tell you the final results but it is definitely telling that this fight against Demetrius Andrade was won by David Benavidez. Pretty much won, just to be announced.

David Benavidez And Demetrius Andrade Weigh In

David Benavidez and Demetrius Andrade’s big fight surprised everyone, the WBC Interim Super Middleweight World Title was ready to be taken by the rivals, and both boxers were weighed before the fight, and the weight of the fighter popularly known as the Mexican Monster. 167 pounds while Andrade is listed at 167.5 in the super middleweight division. Now it remains to be seen how much he will earn after winning the fight, only time will tell.

The Mexican Monster’s promoter on a foreign website made a statement against Andrade, saying that he was going to play the biggest game of his career, fighting Bo-Bo for at least seven million US dollars. Those figures aren’t even close to what Benavidez usually earns from a single fight. One thing to note here is that Andrade is still a fast fighter, although some people call his fight boring, American promoters believe that the Mexican has to pay Andrade Miz more money.

Background To Benavidez vs. Andrade

As for Benavidez’s recent fight, he earned $3 million for his win against Caleb Plante, while Andrade has never earned more than $1.5 million before. They will be able to get even more money to fight against. If Benavidez and Andrade are going to fight the biggest fight, both boxers are determined to win, it remains to be seen who will become the champion first.

David Benavidezco 2 Bar Championship Honors

David Benavidez is a two-time WBC Super Middleweight Champion under the title of Mexican Monster, but both times his opponent stripped him of his championship, which is quite painful for him. When it comes to boxer drug tests, they have always been caught testing for cocaine, as happened in August 2018, and tested positive for cocaine under VADA.

After regaining the title, Benavidez cut weight ahead of his August 2020 fight with Romar Alexis Angulo and was stripped for a second time. Then Bo-Bo Andrade defeated Jake Kulke to win the WBA Super Welterweight title. He later moved up to middleweight and also won the WBO title in 2018 against Walter Koutondokwa. He had five successful defenses of his belt, but after postponing fights against mandatory challengers Janebek Alimkhanoli and Zach Parker, Andrade had to vacate his title.

The fighter who finishes with his arms raised has the opportunity to challenge the undisputed champion of the division, Saul Canelo Alvarez, in a WBC fight in what could be the biggest match of his career.

David Benavidez’s Fight With Canelo Alvarez

David Benavidez finally had a great fight today against the best boxer in the world, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, and if all goes according to plan, he will be the biggest boxer in 2024. Benavidez is the interim champion and the mandatory WBC challenger for Canelo, who is the undisputed champion with all four belts in the division. Just a few weeks ago, Benavidez was considered a challenger in the WBC convention.

The World Boxing Council’s Interim Supermodelweight Championship has been made mandatory against Demetrius Andrade at Michelob Ultra in Las Vegas, which is why David Benavidez will have to defend his Interim Championship against Demetrius Andrade in this fight. After the win, it will be clear whether Bena Veddes is a contender for the championship or out of it.

Canelo vs. Benavidez Fight?

Canelo Alvarez, who won against Jermall Charlo after his last fight, also made a big statement against his opponent, saying he doesn’t know who his next opponent will be, but Canelo has no shortage of opponents and won’t rule anyone out. Is. It is said that the next name on the list could be Terence Crawford, Jermall Charlo, or David Benavidez.

The undisputed super middleweight champion has the power to fight twice a year on the biggest dates in the boxing calendar, with the weekend of May 5th and September 16th, 2024 being no exception. Canelo opened up about his next fight, telling Red Flag Benavidez that if he wants to play well against Demetrius Andrade, he will have to perform at his best to win the fight.

David Benavidez of Providence, Rhode Island, took on Demetrius Andrade in the undefeated super middleweight. Benavidez comes into the bout with a 27-0 record with 23 knockouts. Andrade is 32-0 with 19 knockouts. What are the best bets for this fight?

Bina Waddys By Points Or Verdict?

If you want to bet on David Benavidez, do it wisely because Benavidez will win 100% with $430, and if you bet on him to win then 150% he will win and you will make good money, besides Benavidez. A younger and more powerful young man who is smart and capable of beating Andrade, he throws looping punches from weird angles that his opponents are not ready for, so it takes at least seven rounds to win any fighter. Must win.

Benavidez’s 15-Year Fighting Career

Being a thirty-five-year-old unbeaten fighter, Benavidez has always defeated his opponents and during his fifteen-year fighting career, he has proved that he is a quality boxer who is not easy to beat. Speaking to foreign media, David Benavidez said that he not only intends to win the fight, but he also wants to elevate his position in the world. We report that the fight between these two will take place in the United Arab Emirates and the fight will cost around $79.99.

David Benavidez vs. Demetrius
David Benavidez vs. Demetrius Andrade Fight Result

1. Q: Who won the fight between David Benavidez and Demetrius Andrade on November 25th?
A: David Benavidez emerged victorious in the sixth round after knocking out Demetrius Andrade. Andrade was stopped due to injury, marking a significant loss in his career.

2. Q: What was the reason for David Benavidez trending on Google despite winning the fight?
A: David Benavidez trended on Google due to his dangerous and decisive boxing match against Demetrius Andrade. The intense nature of the fight captured widespread attention, keeping Benavidez in the spotlight.

3. Q: How did the fight end, and what was the significance of the sixth round?
A: David Benavidez secured victory by knocking out Demetrius Andrade in the sixth round. The match ended abruptly due to Andrade’s injury sustained after Benavidez’s powerful attack.

4. Q: What happened after the fight with Demetrius Andrade?

A: Following his triumph, David Benavidez met renowned boxing fighter Mike Tyson. The two shared a moment of celebration, with Tyson congratulating Benavidez and expressing good wishes for his victory. Social media quickly spread videos and photos of their interaction.

5. Q: Were there any statements or reactions from David Benavidez’s promoter regarding the fight?
A: Yes, David Benavidez’s promoter, mentioned on a foreign website, stated that Benavidez was entering the biggest game of his career, aiming to fight for at least seven million US dollars against Bo-Bo. This statement stirred interest and speculation about the financial aspects of the fight.

6. Q: How much did David Benavidez and Demetrius Andrade weigh in before the fight?
A: Both fighters were weighed before the match for the WBC Interim Super Middleweight World Title. David Benavidez, known as the Mexican Monster, weighed in at 167 pounds, while Demetrius Andrade weighed 167.5 pounds in the super middleweight division.

7. Q: What were the expectations and predictions from fans before the fight?
A: Fans had high expectations for David Benavidez, believing he would win the intense match against Demetrius Andrade. While the final results were not known to those watching live, the consensus was that Benavidez had a strong chance of success in this challenging bout.


Finally, the November 25 fight between David Benavidez and Demetrius Andrade was a major event that captured the attention of both fans and the media. Benavidez won by decision in the sixth round, with Andrade stopped by injury after a powerful attack. After the match, Benavidez and legendary boxer Mike Tyson met, the two hugged each other, the photos and video of which went viral.

David Benavidez’s top trend on Google was a result of the intense and dangerous nature of the fight, which kept him in the spotlight even after the match was over. The pre-fight weigh-in showed the Mexican monster at 167 pounds, putting the importance of the WBC interim super middleweight world title at stake.

In summary, David Benavidez’s win over Demetrius Andrade showcased his prowess in the boxing ring, sparking excitement and debate among both the sports community and fans alike. The combination of a thrilling match, post-fight talk, and continued interest in Benavidez’s career has cemented his position in the boxing world.

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