Galaxy S24 AI To Beat iPhone

Galaxy S24 AI To Beat iPhone

Samsung’s Galaxy AI made a splash, the S24 series with Galaxy AI is ready to beat the iPhone, and Galaxy AI became the top trend on Twitter, are Samsung phones really the most expensive phones like the iPhone 15? , these are the questions that everyone is looking for answers to.

Samsung has announced the Galaxy AI launch date, the S24 series with Galaxy AI will reportedly be unveiled on January 17th, and the AI iPhone will be introduced during the conference in San Jose, California.

If we talk about the shares of Samsung and Apple, the details are as follows, compared to Apple’s sixteen percent share, the company has a twenty percent share of the global smartphone market, while Samsung has a twenty-five percent share of the American phone market. which is close to Apple’s 53% share. In addition, the Galaxy AI also includes advanced features that are not available in the iPhone, which clearly shows that Apple’s rival Samsung’s phone S24 will create havoc in the market.

Samsung announced on Tuesday, January 2, 2024, that it is going to introduce the world’s first advanced mobile phone powered by AI to the market, although the company did not give much detail, it is certain that Samsung will defeat its competitors in the market, competitors like Qualcomm, chipmakers and Google have also introduced one AI feature in the market, but it remains to be seen what Samsung is doing.

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