5 Dead As Japan Airlines Jet Collides With Tokyo Airport

Plane Crashed Afghanistan

5 people were Dead in the collision of a Japan Airlines jet at Tokyo Airport, a major accident happened to Japanese airlines, there were hundreds of passengers on board, and the plane collided with an aircraft involved in earthquake activity while landing at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport. After which it caught fire, the video of the plane catching fire also went viral on social media.

The Accident Happened To The Japanese Airline

The accident occurred on flight 516 of the Japanese airline JAL on Tuesday, at 6:50 in the evening, the plane suffered an accident during landing at the Haneda airport in Tokyo, but fortunately, all the passengers, including the crew members, were evacuated safely. went.

There Are 2-year-old Children On The Plane

There were also about 8 children under the age of two on the plane. It is said that the plane was landing at the airport when it collided with a Coast Guard aircraft parked there, which was carrying aid to the victims of the earthquake in Japan.

All five People Plane Were Killed

According to foreign media, an Airbus A350-900 aircraft caught fire while flying from the northern Japanese city of Sapporo to Haneda. According to reports, this aircraft was a De Havilland Canada operated by the Japan Coast Guard.

All five people on board this small aircraft. So died, while the condition of the captain of the plane is critical, on the other hand, more details and the cause of the fire in the JL plane have been provided.

All Occupants Of The Airline Crash Were Rescued

Japan’s local fire services have confirmed that all the people on board the airline were rescued, but 60 people were injured in the incident and have been transferred to a local hospital for medical assistance. More than 100 fire trucks were immediately dispatched during the plane crash, which quickly brought the fire under control.

The Airline Video Went Viral

On the other hand, the new footage of the fire in the passenger airline has also come out, in which the screams of the passengers can be heard and seen. The real-life footage of the blaze has also been shown on CCTV footage around the airport, but the plane used emergency slides to escape the fire and evacuate all passengers.

A JCG spokesman detailed the plane crash to foreign media, saying the plane was on its way from Handa Airport to an airbase in Niigata Prefecture where it was supposed to help victims of Monday’s 7.5-magnitude earthquake. I wanted to participate in the relief activities, but unfortunately, it could not be done.

  • A Japan Airlines plane┬ácollided with a Japan Coast Guard aircraft at Tokyo Haneda airport, NHK reported.
  • Police say that five people onboard the Coast Guard aircraft died, NHK reported.
  • The JAL plane was set on fire. JAL says all the crew and passengers were evacuated.
Processes Canceled After Plane Crash

According to the airport’s website, the JAL plane crashed while landing at Tokyo Haneda’s Terminal 1. According to the report, all runways at Tokyo Haneda were closed after the planes collided. Dozens of domestic flights were canceled on the airport’s website.
All around three and a half hundred people on board the passenger plane were also saved, while twelve crew members were also present in this plane and they were also taken out of the plane safely. Japan became trending after the plane crash, the most searched news about plane crashes, if you want to see more informative news, visit our website.

In the footage that emerged after the accident, passengers can be seen screaming in the cabin engulfed in flames and clouds of smoke. Firefighters have since been busy trying to put out the fire and all passengers are said to have been evacuated from the plane. Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio has instructed the relevant authorities to accurately assess the damage and inform the public about it.

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