What Was The Reason For The X-Service Shutdown In Pakistan?

Reason For The X-Service Shutdown

What Was The Reason For The X-Service Shutdown In Pakistan? , Twitter down become a trend in Pakistan, Finally, why is the social media service being shut down again and again, four days have passed but the service of X has not been restored, since the press conference of Commissioner Rawalpindi regarding rigging in the election, the service of the social media platform X has been affected, users all over Pakistan. Seventeen are worried about not getting X-Twitter service from Fori.

The Fourth Day Of Closure Of X

The shutdown of X has entered the fourth day in Pakistan, the reasons for the service down of X are not being given, the users are facing difficulties due to the shutdown of the social media platform. Most of X users are using social media apps through VPN but the VPN service is very slow.

During the four days, X services were restored twice for some time, but after a few minutes, they were taken down again and this process continues. In Pakistan, the shutdown of various social media platforms by the caretaker government has also become normal. Is.

Twitter Shutdown Became A Trend

On the other hand, Twitter shutdown on X became the top trend, social media users were worried about the shutdown of Twitter, users have alleged that the service of X has been shut down due to the immense trend of rigging in elections, including in Pakistan, all over the world. The number of supporters of Tehreek-e-Insaf on social media is more than other parties.

However, to stop PTI’s trend, the service of X has been affected in Pakistan, apart from this, people doing business through Twitter around the world, including Pakistan, are also severely affected, because Twitter is the only platform through which the entire People of the world communicate with each other.

Ali Muhammad Khan’s Approach To Court On ‘X’ Closure

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Ali Muhammad Khan has decided to approach the High Court against the closure of the social media platform ‘X’.

In a statement, Ali Muhammad Khan said, “Today marks the fourth day of the closure of the social media platform ‘X’. Today, I will be challenging this authoritarian act of the fascist government myself in the Islamabad High Court as a lawyer because this tyranny is unacceptable.”

Ali Muhammad Khan stated that freedom of expression is a fundamental human right, and in the modern era, we cannot continue the battles of the last century’s authoritarianism. Shutting down the internet or social media platforms is not the solution to the issues. Restoring the mandate of the people is necessary; let the people speak the truth and let the truth come forward.

Liaquat Ali Chatta Resigns

On February 17th, Commissioner Rawalpindi revealed that he was instructed by the caretaker government to conduct elections but couldn’t do so. He resigned.

Commissioner Rawalpindi claimed he couldn’t fulfill his duties properly as the results of 13 constituencies of the National Assembly were altered, and defeated candidates were declared winners.

He alleged that in Rawalpindi, results were manipulated for 13 individuals, 70,000 lead holders were defeated, and he was not willing to carry out such actions. He stated that presiding officers were crying in front of him.

Liaquat Ali Chatta stated that he should be sentenced to death at Kutchery Chowk in Rawalpindi, along with the Election Commissioner and others. He said he didn’t want the incident of 1971 to happen again and attempted suicide after Fajr prayers.

Following these allegations becoming public, the Election Commission of Pakistan decided to form a high-level committee to investigate the allegations. Since then, a certain service in Pakistan has been affected, which has been intermittently suspended.

American Congressman’s Demand For X Rehabilitation In Pakistan

American Congressman Greg Kaiser has urged the US State Department to press Pakistani authorities to restore access to the social media platform ‘X’, which has been shut down for the fourth consecutive day.

In a statement on the social media platform ‘X’, he pointed out that Pakistani citizens are revealing interference on Twitter after the elections, but Pakistani authorities are now blocking access to Twitter.

He emphasized that the State Department should demand authorities to restore access to Twitter, as our allies should uphold the fundamental standards of freedom of expression and democracy.

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