Karachi’s Zahid Nihari Included In 100 Famous Restaurants

Karachi's Zahid Nihari

Karachi’s Zahid Nihari has received a great honor, being included in the world’s 100 most famous restaurants,, but the question arises on what basis Zahid Nihari has been given this honor, even though it is better than other restaurants in Karachi. But including only Zahid Nihari in the 100 best list is a question mark.

If you live in Karachi, you must be fond of good food, well, Sabri, Javed, and Waheed Nihari are quite popular in Karachi, but it is an honor to include Javed Nihari in the list of most popular restaurants, although there are others besides Zahid. Niharis are famous for their excellent taste and popularity, but praising only Zahid Nihari is beyond comprehension.

We live in Karachi but we don’t like Zahid Nihari, as a journalist I have concluded that Zahid Nihari is the oldest restaurant, and maybe that’s why it is included in the list of best restaurants.

Zahid Nihari News Published The Online Food Portal

The news about Zahid Nihari was shared by a well-known online food portal, a list of 100 famous restaurants has been released on this portal, in which the name of Karachi Zahid Nihari has also been included, according to the list, Zahid Nihari is ranked 89th. Come on, this is the only restaurant in Pakistan on the list that became famous because of the best horoscope.

Zahid Nihari Became The Top Trend

As soon as the news about Zahid Nihari came out, Zahid Nihari became the top trend on social media. As has happened with the restaurant, Zahid Restaurant will benefit the most from this news.

The Past Of Zahid Nihari

If we talk about Zahid Nihari’s past, it is something different, Zahid Nihari’s popularity decreased during the last few years due to the change in his taste, the people of Karachi believed that Zahid Nihari was not the same as before.

That’s why foodies prefer other Nihari food instead of Zahid, but after getting the award, his restaurant’s sales will make a difference and the popularity will increase his income because Zahid Nihari is free marketing like this. Got what everyone dreams of.

The Reason For Zahid Nihari’s Popularity?

If the main reason for the popularity of Zahid Nihari is the hot, delicious, and unique tasting Nihari, well, they have different branches but the oldest branch is located on Burns Road Karachi where people eat Nali Nihari with great passion. Politicians also go to the restaurant to eat Zahid Nihari, the main example of which is Miftah Ismail, who mentioned Zahid Nihari’s name during the press conference.

India Included In The List of 100 Popular

India is also included in the list of 100 popular restaurants, with five restaurants included in the list, but Pakistan is the only country where Zahid Nihari in Karachi has been included in the list of the best restaurants, although other restaurants are not included in the list. Objection is because they have better taste than Zahid but look at the game of fate that Zahid Nihari got a big honor sitting down which will help to restore his lost fame.

Price: Money Well Spent

Disclaimer: The prices quoted below are subject to change. The current prices are dated 15 March 2022. (As per the official FaceBook page).

I went with other guys as it had not met up in quite some time since we met up. Our cumulative order was:

  • Nalli Nihari: PKR 900
  • Chicken Qorma: PKR 300
  • Sheermal (6): PKR 45

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