The Pakistani Woman Apologized For Accusation Of Blasphemy

Ichhra Bazar Woman Harassed

The Pakistani Woman Apologized For The Accusation Of Blasphemy. the woman was criticized for wearing Arabic design clothes, which Arabic was written on the woman’s dress which caused a commotion, who were the objectors of the woman’s dress, who was the victim woman? The police officer killed John Prakhel, Harpal TV 92 found out

Which Arabic Was Written On The Woman’s Dress?

Yes, it became expensive for a woman to wear an Arabic design dress in ichhra Bazaar, Lahore. A woman who came to shop with her husband was surrounded by people. The woman was wearing a Saudi brand dress with simple Arabic words written on it. Halwa was written which means beautiful, but people took it as something else and tried to harass the woman, demanding her to take off her clothes immediately, not only that, people started shouting at the woman, but some people accused the woman of blasphemy.

The Video Of The Woman Crying Went Viral

On the other hand, the video of the victim crying on social media quickly went viral, which was shared by thousands of people as soon as they saw it. It can be clearly seen in the video that the woman is scared and people are shouting blasphemy at her. I’m a scared girl trying to save herself. The police also reached the spot to rescue the helpless woman.

Police Rescued The Woman

Lahore police controlled the situation and police officer Sherbanu showed bravery, the police officer requested the people to cooperate with the police in this matter, and then the female police officer safely pulled out the victim from among hundreds of people. The officer immediately transferred the woman to the police station, where some clerics were also present, in whose presence police Sher Bano gave her video statement, said that the police had checked, while some religious people were also present there, who testified. There was nothing wrong with the clothes worn by the woman, only Arabic was written on it.

The Victim Apologized

The video statement of the victim woman present in Lahore Achhra Bazar police station also came out, the woman apologized to the people and clarified that she did not know what was written on the clothes. I will not even wear this design, the woman has also apologized to the entire nation with folded hands during the video statement.

Tahir Ashrafi’s Reaction

On the other hand, Chairman Pakistan Ulema Consul Maulana Tahir Ashrafi also came to the fore on the Ichhra Bazaar incident. Tahir Ashrafi also confirmed that there was nothing wrong written on the woman’s dress. He said that Arabic was written on the dress, which many people in Saudi Arabia and Dubai In his video statement, Tahir Ashrafi also criticized those who harassed women, saying that the victim should apologize not to the victim but to those who harassed her. Tahir Ashrafi requested the people to please think before accusing anyone of blasphemy, such serious accusations cost one’s life.

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