Zara Boycott | Why Boycott Against Spanish Brand ZARA

Why Boycott Against ZARA

With the advertisement of the Spanish clothing brand “ZARA ATELIER“, the boycott of this brand has started on a large scale. After all, what has Zara done that people turned against Zara and it reached the point of boycotting the well-known brand, come on, today we will try to find out why and how Zara became so controversial all over the world.

Zara’s Controversial Photo Ad Campaign

Due to Zara’s use of controversial images, The martyrs of Gaza were insulted, which sparked a new wave of outrage among Muslims around the world and this is why the boycott campaign against the international brand Zara has gained momentum.

According to ZARA, the focus of its campaign is an exercise in design that aims to showcase the versatility of clothing. However, the promotional images included disturbing images, making her clothing advertising controversial.

The images used to advertise the brand show corpses wrapped in shrouds, reminiscent of traditional Muslim burial garments, while the campaign also features rocks, rubble, and cardboard cutouts. Similar to the map of Palestine.

There has been a lot of backlash after the provocative photos came out, especially from people who were once loyal customers of the brand.

Commentators expressed shock, dismay, and anger at what they saw as a blatant attempt to use sensitive political issues for marketing purposes.

Mishi Khan’s Demand For A Boycott Against Zara

Pakistani actress Mishi Khan also demanded a boycott against the clothing brand Zara, the actress said in her video statement that Zara should be ashamed, thus mocking the martyrs and dead bodies of Gaza. He has appealed to people all over the world not to buy Zara clothes.

The Historical Status Of The Famous Brand Zara

Now let’s talk about when the famous brand Zara was founded, so we tell you, Amancio Ortega, the owner of the famous brand Zara, was greatly influenced by a film made in the nineteen sixties, Zorba the Greek, so he founded it in 1975 in La Coruña, Spain.

I named my first shop Zorba to sell ready-made clothes. Later, he found that another store nearby already had the same name as the letters for the brand name, so he rearranged the letters to make the new name Zara.

Social Media Influencers’ Reaction Against Zara

Active social media influencers Dr. Noor Amra and Dr. Hina Cheema also shared a photo related to the boycott campaign against Zara, writing on their Instagram, “We have all seen the devastating images of shrouded bodies from Gaza which clearly A deliberate joke has been played on the Palestinians, they know exactly what they are doing.”
Responding to her post, Huda Beauty global president Mona Kattan wrote on her post: “Sick.”

American Model McMenamy In Zara Ad

Photographed by Tim Walker, with art direction from French-American company Baron & Baron, the American model McMenamy is shown wearing various jackets in a white room, surrounded by wooden crates and concrete rubble. Gaza’s ruined building looks like it.

The limbs of the statues are missing, while the statues and structures are wrapped in white cloth as well as clear and white plastic. One image, which appears to have been deleted from Zara’s website and campaign on social media, shows McMenamy wearing a leather-bound jacket, with a mannequin hovering behind wrapped plastic.

Of the series of images featuring the studded jacket, the only image that remains online is a close-up of the dress. Foreign media has been in constant contact with the Spanish brand Zara for a response, but no response has been received so far.

The Boycott Campaign Against Zara Is Not Correct

The boycott campaign against the clothing brand Zara is on the rise on social media, some people’s statements in favor of Zara came out, while some people appeared to speak openly against Zara, such a sign was seen in a post published on Twitter.

One critic pointed out that Zara’s boycott campaign is not valid, he claimed that Zara’s latest advertising campaign is not against the backdrop of death and destruction in Gaza.

Zara Is Part Of An Israeli Extremist Organization

On the other hand, another critic has tried to link Zara with an extremist organization in Israel, claiming that Zara launched the controversial campaign at its behest. On the contrary, the other writer also insisted on continuing the boycott campaign against Zara, writing in his tweet that Zara used the tragic events in Gaza for its business benefit, which we condemn.

This critic claims that Zara’s approach reflects a deliberate strategy rather than an inadvertent mistake, drawing attention to the brand’s controversial history and previous accusations of association with Israeli extremism.


In the end, the result of the ongoing boycott campaign against the Spanish clothing brand Zara does not seem to be good, it seems that Zara has become expensive to advertise, and that’s why there is no response to the boycott campaign on social media. came. It is expected that Zara will withdraw its controversial advertisement soon, if not, it will have a bad effect on Zara’s business in the whole world and people will stop buying Zara’s clothes.

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