Scholar Zakir Naik Pass Away, Big News Come

Scholar Zakir Naik Pass Away

Did the famous scholar Zakir Naik pass away, big news about Zakir Naik came, and everyone is asking for an answer to this question, the news of the sudden death of Islamic preacher Dr. Zakir Naik from India surprised everyone on social media.

Zakir Naik Became The Top Trend

Zakir Naik became a top trend, everyone is searching for him and finding out where and how Zakir Naik passed away, even though countless people on YouTube posted the news of Zakir Naik’s death, even his funeral and cremation Also done.

The News Of Zakir Naik’s Death Is False

Now if you talk about whether Zakir Naik has passed away or not, then let us tell you the truth that some elements propagandizing against Islam spread false news about Zakir Naik that he died but after all the investigation It was found that there is no truth in these news, all the news circulating on social media about Zakir Naik’s death turned out to be baseless and false.

This is the first extension the Modi government gave to the Muslim foundation for another period of five weeks. The government claims that the organization intends to incite conflict among various religious groups.

Zakir Naik Got Permanent Release In Malaysia

In 2017, the government of Malaysia gave permanent residency to an Indian Muslim preacher, Zakir Naik. Zakir Naik’s Passport was canceled by the Indian government and he was banned entry in the UK as well. Indian authorities have accused Naik of preaching religious hatred through his speeches in different parts of the country on the basis of charges leveled by India’s counterterrorism agency.

Zakir Naik Banned In Bangladesh

In addition, the Bangladeshi government outlawed ‘Peace TV’, a channel that airs Zakir Naik’s homilies within the nation. This is after claims made in the media indicating that those responsible for killing 22 people, out of whom 18 were other nationals, at a cafe in Dhaka a year ago were provoked into action when listening to Zakir Naik’s preaching.

Zakir Naik Was Born In 1965 In Mumbai

The evolution of Zakir Naik into a controversial preacher has been fascinating. His popular TV channel, Peace TV, has been banned in India and Bangladesh. Born in 1965 of Dongri which is a Muslim-dominated neighbourhood of Mumbai. Most of them in Zakir Naik’s family are doctors. His father and brother are both doctors. He left medical practice in 1991 and established the Islamic Research Foundation.

Scholar Zakir Naik Pass Away
Scholar Zakir Naik Passed Away, Big News Come

2 Crore Followers Of Pace TV

He is alleged to have over two million followers globally on his TV peace channel. His loyal followers think that he is a wrongly accused person who did not breach the laws of India.

Zakir Naik’s Property Seized In India

Indian Enforcement Directorate confiscated assets belonging to a Wahabi preacher, Zakir Naik, worth Rs.16.4 crores. ED, a body based in India has confiscated the houses belonging to Zakir Naik in Mumbai and Pune. As it happens, the government of India has already confiscated assets valued at Rs 50 crores belonging to Zakir Naik. In 2017, the Indians Investigation Agency indicted Zakir Naik and others.

Zakir Naik’s Death Senator Abdul Reem’s Reaction

Fake news about the demise of renowned Islamic cleric Dr. Zakir Naik spread like wildfire in social networks that evening of December 9, causing great anxiety among millions of his followers worldwide. Nonetheless, Senator Abdul Kareem of Jamiat Ahl Hadith Pakistan opposed this. His tweet was about a short one that denounced the fake news of the demise of Dr. Zakir Naik.

Zakir Naik Is Correct, Senator Abdul Kareem

In a tweet, a certain Abdul Kareem stated Alhamdulillah Dr. Zakir Naik Allah be pleased with him passed on safely and he enjoys a sound and stable state of being and lives in Malaysia. Addressing his disciples, he told them not to be perturbed by false reports being shared on social media. Asif Hameed is an official of the Islamic organization of Pakistan and on his Twitter said that he talked with Dr. Zakir Naik some days back; he is okay.

Discussion On Zakir Naik’s Death On Social Media

He wrote that there has been a spreading of incorrect information about the death of Zakir Naik and this makes many worried. However, in recent times, the latest videos and statements of the preacher were posted under Dr. Zakir Naik’s official Facebook and Twitter pages respectively with people commenting on the same as well and questioning the news about his death.

Others also commented on Zakir Naik’s Facebook post, and Tweet stating the preacher had died while many users commented on the fake news about the death of an Islamic scholar. This further frustrated people as Dr. Zakir Naik’s official pages on social media did not provide answers to users’ questions.


Q1: Did Zakir Naik Die?
A1: Rumors circulating on social media about Zakir Naik’s demise are completely misleading. Some elements who were propagating against Islam created false news about his death.

Q2: Was The Rumor Of Zakir Naik’s Death Spread?
A2: Many credible sources of information and fact-finding organizations investigate whether claims are true or not. These efforts revealed that this news regarding Zakir Naik is just a rumor and there is no truth in it.

Question 3: Did Zakir Naik die or did Abdul Karim react?
A3: Abdul Kareem’s tweet that Zakir Naik is dead is not true. Several sources have confirmed that Zakir Naik is alive and well. Pieces of information such as health status or death that are reported in unverified social media posts should be verified for accuracy, especially on sensitive issues.


In the end, those spreading the news of Dr. Zakir Naik’s death met with nothing but disappointment, social media proved to be the cradle of lies, which is why any mainstream media used caution in running news about Zakir Naik, when Zakir Naik’s family and the head of Jamaat Ahl-Hadith confirmed that the news is false, so people were satisfied that Zakir Naik is alive and well at home, not only that but also uploaded the latest video on his Facebook page. Despite this, fake news of his death is still being spread on social media, which is very wrong. If you also have any kind of confusion about this then you can comment us.

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