Incident On Ram Yatra in Mumbai, Muslim shops Demolished

Incident On Ram Yatra Mumbai

In Mumbai, a violent incident occurred during the Ram Yatra, where Muslim-owned shops on Mira Road were vandalized. In the New Nagar area of Mumbai’s Mira Road, a crackdown against illegal constructions has been initiated along the lines of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

This action against wrongdoers took place amidst high-security arrangements. During this operation, illegal constructions in Mumbai were demolished. In fact, violence had been reported in the Mira Road area during the Ayodhya Ram Mandir foundation stone laying ceremony. According to reports, on the night of January 21, miscreants damaged vehicles carrying the flags of Lord Ram and beat people shouting slogans.

Police Action Within 48 Hours

The police took action within 48 hours of the incident. After the event, tension spread in the area. Heavy police forces were deployed at the scene. Upon receiving information about the incident, Deputy Commissioner of Police A.M. Fadnavis stated that bulldozer action would be taken against the culprits. He mentioned that action was taken in retaliation for declaring the construction of Muslims in the area as illegal. The police also took action within 48 hours of the incident, demolishing shops. The police are currently on high alert in the area to prevent any further violence. Considering the sensitivity of the situation, a flag march was also conducted by the police.

Divinder Fadnavis Active Against Muslims

According to reports, Divinder Fadnavis had warned of tough action against Muslims. One day later, bulldozers demolished illegal constructions in the MMR (Mira-Bhayander) metropolitan area. Videos shared on social media show police and security officials snatching vehicles. In the video, it can be seen that Mira Bhayander Municipal Corporation has demolished temporary shops and illegal constructions on the footpath.

In reality, after a clash between two groups of brothers on the night of January 21, thirteen people were arrested. Police authorities revealed that the brawl started around 11 PM on Sunday night when some members of the Hindu community shouted slogans in the New Nagar area of Mira Road.

Attack On The Police In Mira Bhayander’s

On Monday evening, stones were thrown at a procession in the district police station. In the attack, participants in the procession and the police personnel on duty were injured. Complete details of the incident that occurred in Mira Bhayander’s New Nagar area throughout the night. After that, Deputy Commissioner A.M. Fadnavis said, “I was in constant contact with the Commissioner of Police, Mira-Bhayander, until 3:30 AM on Monday morning. The police have been directed to take strict action against the accused.”

So far, 13 suspects have been taken into custody in this case, and after examining CCTV footage, the identification of other suspects is underway. Those who break the law in Maharashtra will not be spared. The police have advised residents of Mira Road not to pay attention to rumors. Currently, further investigation is underway in this case.

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