Inauguration Of Ram Mandir, Muslims Decide Build New Mosque

Ram Mandir Inaugurated

After the inauguration of the Ram Mandir (temple) in India, the Muslims decided to build a new mosque. The Babri mosque was demolished in the Indian city of Ayodhya. Now the Ram temple has been established in its place, which has also been inaugurated. They are suffering from grief, but now the news has come out that the Muslims have planned to build a new mosque.

In India, on one side, preparations are underway for the inauguration of the Ram Temple at the site of the Babri Masjid in the city of Ayodhya, in the state of Uttar Pradesh. On the other side, Muslim leaders are planning to begin the construction of a new mosque in the same city.

The Mosque Will Be Constructed In May

According to the British news agency, Hajj Arafat Sheikh, the head of the Development Committee of the Indo-Islamic Cultural Foundation (IICF) overseeing the mosque project, informed media that the construction of the mosque will commence in May after the holy month of Ramadan and will continue for four years.

Babri Masjid Was Demolished In 1992

In 1992, Hindu extremists demolished the Babri Masjid, built in the 16th century in Ayodhya, claiming that it was constructed on the site of an ancient temple dedicated to the Hindu deity Ram. This conflict had strained communal relations for decades, and the destruction of the mosque had led to widespread communal violence, resulting in the deaths of around two thousand people, mostly Muslims.

In 2019, the Indian Supreme Court ruled that the demolition of the mosque was illegal. The court decided that the land should be handed over to Hindu groups for the construction of a temple, and Muslim community leaders were to be given an alternate site in the city for building a mosque.

The Temple Is Estimated To Cost 180 Million Dollars

The construction of the temple, estimated to cost 180 million dollars, began months ago, and the inauguration of the first phase is scheduled for January 22. On the other hand, a Muslim group is collecting funds for the construction of a mosque on a vacant site approximately 25 kilometers away from Ayodhya. Zafar Ahmad Farooqui, the president of IICF, stated, “We have not contacted anyone, and there is no public movement for funds.”

3 Billion Rupees Were Collected For The Temple

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) affiliated with Hindu groups led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been seeking donations for over three decades, and they have collected more than 3 billion rupees from over 40 million people in India. IICF Secretary Athar Hussain mentioned that there were delays in the mosque project due to modifications in its design. The complex also includes a hospital with 500 beds.

The New Mosque Was Named Muhammad Bin Abdullah

Hajj Arafat Sheikh, a leader of the BJP, stated that in the coming weeks, they hope to launch a crowdfunding website for donations. The mosque is named “Masjid Muhammad bin Abdullah” after the Prophet of Islam, and the Babri Masjid was previously named after the Mughal emperor Babur. Hajj Arafat Sheikh said, “Our effort is to end enmity and hatred among people and create love for each other. If we teach our children and people good things, all these conflicts will end.”

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