A Plane Crashed In Afghanistan, 6 People Killed

Plane Crashed Afghanistan

A plane has crashed in Afghanistan, it is reported that six people have been killed. The Afghan media declared the plane to be from India, but Indian Aviation denied the news and said that the plane that crashed in the Afghan province of Badakhshan was not Indian. Finally, the issue of which country’s plane crashed in Afghanistan became more confusing.

The Plane Disappeared From The Radar

According to the Afghan police, the passenger plane disappeared from the radar on the night of January 20. The plane crashed in the northeastern part of Badakhshan. It has been reported that six passengers were on board the plane.

Afghan officials say that a team has been sent to the area to investigate the incident, but the road is so difficult that it is not possible for the team to reach the accident site immediately.

The Plane Was Indian, Afghan Officials

The Russian-registered plane took off from India and crashed on its way to Moscow. Zabihullah Amiri, the head of the Information Department of the Afghan province of Badakhshan, also claimed that the downed passenger plane belonged to India. The local people reported the plane crash on Sunday morning.

Video Of The Plane Crash

The video of the plane crash is also going viral on social media. It can be seen in the video that smoke was seen after the plane crashed on the high snow-covered mountain, and the plane crash started trending on Twitter.

The Name Of The Aircraft Is The Dassault Falcon

Meanwhile, Russian aviation authorities claimed that the French-made aircraft, which is said to be a Dassault Falcon 10 jet, was manufactured in 1978.

The Plane Was Going To Moscow

Russian aviation officials gave more details about the crashed plane, saying the plane was a chartered flight from India to Moscow via Uzbekistan but it suddenly lost contact with Afghanistan and Tajikistan authorities and unfortunately crashed. .

Plane Crashes Became A Trend

The news of the plane crash on social media also worried the users, because according to the Afghan media, the plane was Indian, but the Indian Aviation Authority is saying something else, saying that no specific information was found about the plane that crashed in the mountains of Afghanistan.

the lack of details has fueled confusion and speculation The Indian authorities’ denials have diverted attention from initial speculation about the plane’s origins, which should trigger a wider investigation into the incident.

The news of the plane crash in the media has also shaken the international community, because the lack of immediate details of the plane crash is also giving rise to doubts, until now there is no complete information about how many passengers were on board the plane.


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