Hamas And Israel War, Surprise Attack By Hamas

Hamas And Israel War

The war between Hamas and Israel escalated, and for the first time in 50 years, Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel, firing thousands of rockets and killing and injuring hundreds of Jews. A challenge to the most powerful country in the world, how Hamas got so much power and who is behind it, a world war is going to happen, all these questions will be answered in this blog today.

Israel Is A Handful Of Palestinians

Israel, having the world’s best military system and defense capability, collapsed in front of a handful of Palestinian youth. Air-to-air missiles or sea-launched weapons are not hidden from Israel’s eyes, but the lightning attack of the Palestinian youth made the Israeli army easily mistaken.

Hamas’s Operation Storm Al-Aqsa?

Hamas’s Operation Storm Al-Aqsa has engulfed the whole of Israel. Every hundred Palestinian youths and their achievements are the noise. In the current situation, the frightened Israeli army has started trying to wipe out its misery by throwing its best skills and best systems into bombing innocent Palestinian civilians, even though it should have been at that time that the Israeli army was fighting the infiltrators in broad daylight at the border.

However according to reports from there, after the attack on Israel, the Israeli authorities seemed to be busy protecting their system instead of using it. In videos released on social media, the most valuable fighter jets that have been bombarding Palestinian citizens for years without hesitation were seen being moved to a safe place.

Shocking Operation By Hamas

If history is taken into consideration, the timing of this attack by Hamas also reveals a lot. The attack came a day after the 50th anniversary of the 1973 coup by Egypt and Syria that started the war in the Middle East. The Hamas leadership certainly understands the importance of the history that got it elected. After the attack on Israel, although the deaths are being recorded on both sides, in the news and videos released on social media, the world of fear is being seen more in Israel.

5Thousand Rocket Fire On Israel

Foreign media say that more than 5,000 rockets were fired at Israel from Gaza, and many Palestinians entered Israel, where clashes with Israeli soldiers are ongoing in their streets and alleys. The attackers captured 57 Zionist soldiers. A number of Israeli military vehicles were captured and several tanks were destroyed.

The Israeli minister has confirmed that three out of the seven towns have been fully controlled. On the other hand, the head of Hamas’s military wing Al-Qassam Brigades, Commander Muhammad al-Zif ‘Abu Khalid’, has said that this attack is a response to Israel’s continuous provocations in Al-Aqsa Mosque and atrocities on Palestinians. And Palestinian youths are fighting the Israeli army in the streets.

After 28 Years, The Israeli Border Is Free

Twenty-eight years later, Israel’s border was freed from the fence. The Palestinian youth who showed Israel stars during the day also used paragliders and drones. After the attack, Israel has opened another front. Israeli media say that the Israeli army has shelled the border area of Lebanon. The targets were hit after mortar shells were fired from across the Lebanese border.

Hezbollah’s Entry Into The War

According to Hezbollah’s al-Manar TV, dozens of fighters have entered Israel from Lebanon. According to Hezbollah, their fighters have started operations against Israel. On their behalf, dozens of rockets and shells were fired at three Israeli military checkpoints.

Israeli Military Base Destroyed

Hamas has targeted military bases and military installations in southern cities of Israel, killing more than 290 Israelis, including soldiers, and injuring more than 1,000. Israel has cut off the supply of electricity, fuel, and goods to Gaza after Hamas retaliated. While the attacks carried out by Hamas from three sides have raised the question of Israel’s defense capability, it has also become clear that on the battlefield no weapons are fought by factions and those who fight with factions should only know the destination and the way to reach it. They find out for themselves.

War In Israel, Gaza, And Lebanon

According to the latest reports, the battlefield has heated up again in Israel, Gaza, and Lebanon. Both sides are trying to subdue each other. All the nations are not only examining the matter at this time, but the series of statements has started in a low-key manner. In celebration of the attack on the Palestinian youth, a joyous celebration is also being celebrated. Canadian citizens have celebrated. The militia of Iraq has also expressed solidarity with Palestine, happiness is also being expressed in Pakistan, and India is also quietly evaluating the situation like Israel.

China’s Expression Of Concern

China has said that it is very concerned about the current situation, and both sides should show patience. The resurgence of the Palestinian issue proves that the peace process cannot be kept in a deadlock for a long time. Negotiations should be held as soon as possible. In a video released on the social media website, it can be seen that the Israeli citizens, scared of the attack, hid in the dirty garbage cans and kept biting each other.

Israel Threatens To Occupy Gaza In 12 Hours

On the other hand, the Israeli army has threatened to completely occupy Gaza in twelve hours, they say that after gaining control over Gaza, the people will be expelled. International observers say that if the issue is not stopped, other countries will also jump into this war and there is a fear that it will become the cause of the third world war.

Indian Actress Nusrat Bharucha is Missing

Bollywood actress Nusrat Bharucha is stuck in Israel. After hearing this news, there is a serious concern among the fans. Worryingly, her team has also said that the actress cannot be contacted. If Nusrat does not get help soon, help can be sought from the Indian Ministry of External Affairs.

Hamas And Israel War
Hamas And Israel War, Surprise Attack By Hamas
Nusrat Bharucha is safe

A member of Nusrat Bharucha’s team said on Sunday that Nusrat has been contacted. The actress is absolutely safe. She has reached the airport area to exit Israel. The actress will soon leave Israel by flight and return to her country. The team gave information and said that actress Nusrat Bharucha was in the basement and was safe. But trouble grew when Nusrat’s team lost contact after this conversation. But now his team member giving relief information said that Nusrat will return to India soon and now she is safe.


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