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Where To Watch The World Cup Near Me

Pakistan’s Future In World Cup 2023
Where to watch the World Cup near me, as the entire world is watching the ICC Cricket World Cup starting on October 5, 2023. This is the thirteenth edition in which Pakistan has participated. Earlier 12 editions were played. Whether Pakistan will be able to perform in the World Cup or not, all these questions will be answered in today’s blog.

The World Cup Will Continue Till October 19

First, let’s talk about how the World Cup will start how many teams are participating, and how they were selected. It will continue till November 19, in this important tournament that lasts for one and a half months, teams from ten countries are participating like in the previous edition. The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Super League is selected according to the rankings, while two countries have qualified for the World Cup League and the ICC Cricket World Cup through the qualifier play-offs, including Sri Lanka and the Netherlands. The 8 countries directly participating in the tournament are India, Australia, England, South Africa, New Zealand, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

10 Teams Will Play In The First Stage

During the first stage, each of these ten teams will have to play one match against the other nine teams and then the top four teams will advance based on the points table.to the semi-finals and the final will be played between the two teams that succeed in them. And the successful team among them will become the champion of the World Cup. In the last two editions, the Pakistan team was restricted to the group stage only. Now it remains to be seen whether the current team, consisting of mostly young players, will play against all the other 9 teams on Indian soil and make it to the semi-finals and then the finals. And will she win the tournament and become the world champion for the second time?

Pakistan Became A World Champion Once

It is worth mentioning here that in all the 12 ICC World Cup tournaments played in different countries over the past 48 years, Pakistan has become the world champion only once and the runners-up once. That is, he reached the World Cup finals only twice. For the first time, he became the champion by defeating England under the leadership of Imran Khan in the final of the 1992 World Cup. Now thirty-two years have passed since this important achievement, The second time they reached the final of the World Cup was in 1999, but lost to Australia and missed out on winning the World Cup. 24 years have passed since this incident. Apart from these two occasions, Pakistan had to lose four times in the semi-finals and twice in the quarter-finals.

Pakistan’s Entry Into India After 7 Years

Pakistan cricket team is playing cricket in India after seven years. After that, Pakistan and India definitely played matches against each other but never played matches on each other’s soil, in which political influence was heavily involved. Now the Pakistan team is participating in the World Cup being played in India and the interesting thing is that all the players of this team are playing cricket for the first time on the soil of their rival country.

India Will Host The World Cup

This is the first time that India is hosting the World Cup alone, otherwise, it has hosted the tournament three times with its rival countries. For the first time in 1987, India and Pakistan hosted jointly. Then for the second time in 1996, Sri Lanka also participated with them. For the third time in 2011, Bangladesh was included in the hosting of the World Cup, but due to security concerns in Pakistan, no match of the World Cup could be held. But if we review the history of the ICC Men’s One Day International Cricket World Cup, we find Pakistan’s performance in all these 12 editions to be average. However, he as a team and his players individually set many important records and achieved numerous feats.

Pakistan’s Performance In The World Cup

A total of 20 teams have participated in the 12 editions of the One Day International Cricket World Cup so far and Pakistan has played against 17 of them. He did not play any World Cup matches against only two teams, Bermuda and East Africa. Pakistan has played a total of 79 ODIs in the World Cup. Of these, 45 were won and 32 were lost, while two matches were inconclusive. If we talk about Pakistan’s success rate in the World Cup, it has been up to 58.44%. Pakistan’s highest score in an inning is 349 runs which it scored against Zimbabwe in 49.5 overs. This match was played in Kingston, Jamaica on March 21, 2007. However, Pakistan’s lowest score in an innings was 74 runs against England on March 1, 1992, in Adelaide.

Pakistan Batting Records

Javed Miandad also has the honor of scoring the most runs in Pakistan’s cricket team, he played 6 World Cup editions during his 21-year career, in which he scored 1083 runs at an average of 43.32 in 33 ODIs. He is the only Pakistani player to score 1000 or more runs in the World Cup so far. Surprisingly, Javed Miandad started his international career in the first World Cup played in 1975 and announced his retirement in the 1996 World Cup.

He set a record by playing 6 consecutive World Cups which was equaled by India’s Sachin Tendulkar after 15 years in 2011. However, no player has been able to break this record so far. The highest individual innings for Pakistan is Imran Nazir who scored 160 against Zimbabwe on 21 March 2007 in Kingston.

Record For Most Centuries

If we talk about who is the lucky player in Pakistan who has achieved the most individual centuries, then the batsmen Ramiz Raja and Saeed Anwar are at the top, both of them have won three consecutive matches for Pakistan in the World Cup. He is the only player to score centuries, he scored the first two centuries in 1999 and the third century in the 2003 World Cup, the highest scorer of fifty or more runs for Pakistan in the World Cup is Javed Miandad. who played nine such innings including one century and eight fifties.

A Record six In The World Cup
Shahid Afridi is in first place in the list of most sixes hit by Pakistan in the World Cup. 8 sixes were hit during the innings. And if we talk about who scored the most runs in the World Cup, then the captain of the 2023 World Cup is Babar Azam, who scored 474 runs at an average of 67.71 in 8 matches of his tournament played in England in 2019.

Record of Pakistani Bowlersย 

Wasim Akram, the bowler who took the most wickets in the World Cup for Pakistan, played 38 matches and took 55 wickets at an average of 23.83. But if we talk about the current era, after Wasim Akram, the Pakistani record of best bowling in any innings in the World Cup was set by fast bowler Shaheen Shah Afridi. During the last World Cup, he took 6 wickets for 35 runs against Bangladesh at Lord’s, London on 5 July 2019, while his father-in-law, former all-rounder Shahid Khan Afridi, took four or more wickets in an innings for the most time. Pakistani bowlers.

He played a total of prestige matches, taking 30 wickets at an average of 27.70, twice taking five wickets in an innings and twice taking four wickets in an innings, making him the highest wicket-taker in any World Cup tournament. He has also come forward as the first Pakistani bowler. He took 21 wickets at an average of 12.85 in 8 matches during World Cup 2011.

The Best Wicketkeepers

Pakistan’s wicketkeeper Moin Khan has the highest number of wickets behind the wickets in the World Cup, who took 30 wickets in 20 matches. These include 23 catches and 7 stumps. The wicketkeeper who hunts the most in the innings is Sarfraz Ahmed, who caught 6 South African players behind the wickets in Auckland on March 7, 2015. Thus he equaled the World Cup record set by Australia’s Adam Gilchrist on 27 February 2003 against Namibia in Puchseftroum. Moin Khan is the wicketkeeper who has taken the most wickets in the World Cup. He played 10 matches in the 1999 World Cup, taking 16 catches, including 12 catches and 4 stumps.

Record For Most Catches

Inzamam-ul-Haq is the fielder who has taken the most catches for Pakistan in the World Cup. He played 35 ODIs and took 16 catches. He is also the fielder who has taken the most catches in any tournament. He played 10 matches in World Cup 1999 and took 6 catches. However, Pakistani fielder Umar Akmal took the most catches in the innings. On 15 March 2015, he caught four Ireland players in Adelaide.

Who Played The Most Matches?

Pakistan’s most capped player is Wasim Akram who participated in five editions of the World Cup from 1987 to 2003 and played 38 matches. However, Imran Khan is the captain who has led Pakistan in the most number of World Cup matches. He captained the national team in 22 matches of three consecutive editions from 1983 to 1999.

Where To Watch The World Cup Near Me
Where To Watch The World Cup Near Me | ICC World Cup 2023

The performance of the overall Pakistani team is not so bad, Pakistan has also participated in all the twelve editions of the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup and now it is playing the 13th edition. It is hoped that Pakistan will reach the semi-finals. If I succeed, but the biggest problem is to take and give pressure and for Pakistan to play a match against their opponent is to take pressure in a way. If they succeed in defeating India, the Indian players still have a psychological advantage due to the home ground, which will help them a lot to win.


Q1: When will the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 start?
A: ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 will start on 5th October 2023.

Q2: How many teams participated in the Cricket World Cup 2023?
A: Ten teams are participating in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023.

Q3: How were the teams selected for the World Cup?
A: The eight countries directly participating in the tournament were selected on the basis of ranking, while Sri Lanka and the Netherlands qualified through the qualifier play-offs.

Q4: What is the format of the ICC Cricket World Cup?
A: During the first stage, each of the ten teams will play one match against the other nine teams. The top four teams based on the points table will advance to the semi-finals.

Q5: How long will Cricket World Cup 2023 last?
A: The ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 will last for one and a half months, which will end on November 19, 2023.

Q6: Will Pakistan play well in the World Cup?
A: The Pakistani team’s performance in the World Cup remains to be seen, the young squad aims to compete with nine other teams and possibly win the tournament.

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