US Military Plane Osprey Crash In Japan Today? : Eight Killed

US Military Plane Crash

How did the US military plane Osprey crash in Japan today, it is reported that all eight people were killed, and doubts and suspicions began to arise all over the world, yes, the American plane crashed in the sea of Japan, and one person died in the crash of the Osprey plane. The death has been confirmed, according to the spokesperson of the Japan Coast Guard, the plane crashed on the coast of Koshima Island in the southern Kagoshima Prefecture of Japan. There is no information about the other eight people on board. How did the American military plane Osprey crash in Japan, doubts and suspicions began to arise all over the world. According to the Guard, the plane crashed off the coast of Koshima Island in Japan’s southern Kagoshima Prefecture.

The Plane’s Engine Caught Fire

According to foreign media, the plane’s left engine caught fire, after which it tried to land at Yakushima Airport but was unable to do so, while eyewitnesses, saw the plane spinning in the air before it crashed. Meanwhile, local officials also said another Osprey plane survived the crash and landed safely in Yakoshima.

According to the Coast Guard, the plane crash was reported at approximately 2:47 p.m. The spokesperson said that the 10th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters dispatched a boat and aircraft to the crash site. The management office of Yakushima Airport in Kagoshima Prefecture received a call from the US military on Wednesday afternoon requesting an emergency landing at Kagoshima Airport, a Kagoshima Prefectural official detailed to foreign media.

Kagoshima prefectural officials did not clarify whether the request was made by the Marines or the Air Force. Later, the plane crashed during a military exercise, killing three US Marines and injuring several others.

The Plane Disappeared Radar 

Japan’s Defense Ministry said the plane disappeared from radar at 2:40 a.m. local time on Wednesday. When the Coast Guard received the information about the plane crash, six boats and two helicopters were immediately dispatched to the scene.

Osprey Planes Were Destroyed In 2022 As Well

Also in 2022, an Osprey plane crashed during a training mission near California, killing five US Marines. As for the Osprey, it is a rigid aircraft that can take off vertically like a helicopter, but can also travel at the speed of a more conventional turboprop aircraft with wings.

Retired US Air Force Colonel Cedric Layton has a different take on the Osprey, saying the Osprey is safe to fly, but the aircraft has a history of mechanical and operational problems since its inception in the 1980s. which has not been resolved to date.

US Military Plane Crash
US Military Plane Osprey Crash In Japan Today? : Eight Killed
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