SRK Entry Dhoom 4, New Poster Released

Shah Rukh Khan

SRK made an entry in Dhoom 4, and the poster of the new movie is going viral on social media which SRK is shown, apart from this, a video of Shahrukh Khan riding a bike like Dhoom 4 has also come out, is it in Dhoom 4? Shah Rukh Khan is going to be the hero and Deepika is going to be the villain, come and try to find the answers to all these questions

SRK’s Comeback After 4 Years

SRK’s comeback at the box office after four years beat other film stars, even South films including Aamir Khan, and Salman Khan could not compete with Shah Rukh Khan.

Dhoom 4 Will Be Released In 2026

Will Shahrukh Khan as Heeron in Dhoom Four be released in 2026? This is the question that everyone is looking for the answer. He postponed the film, but reports circulating on social media suggest that Shahrukh Khan will be seen playing the hero in Dhoom 4.

Now let’s talk about how the news about SRK in Dhoom 4 came out, so let us tell you, that John Ibrahim and his team leaked some information about Shahrukh Khan’s lead in Dhoom 4, which is going viral on social media. It’s matchy.

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Dhoom Four Trending On Twitter

The hashtag of Dhoom 4 is trending on Twitter, fans are also expecting to see Shah Rukh Khan in Dhoom Char, YRF is in advance talks with SRK for Dhoom Char, but no final announcement yet but hopefully. It is going to be announced soon.

Khan’s Rule Over Bollywood

Khan’s rule over Bollywood continued, Shah Rukh Khan’s films broke all records in the year 2012, one film after another making a splash at the box office, Shah Rukh released two all-time blockbuster films Pathan and Jawan at the beginning of the year. Give and release Dinky in December which is still loved all over the world.

2023 Shah Rukh Khan Hit Movies

If we talk about Shah Rukh Khan’s films of 2023, he is still ruling the box office, his films have earned 500 crores domestically and 1000 crores worldwide at the box office in a single year.

Shahrukh Khan has broken all the records of his own film Pathan with Jawan after seven months, now Dinky is also going to cross seven hundred crores worldwide and it is expected to do business like Jawan.

Dhoom 4’s Villain Deepika Padukone?

Will Bollywood’s dimpled girl Deepika Padukone be seen in action as a powerful villain in Dhoom 4, this is the question that people are trying to figure out. In the crime thriller film, Shah Rukh Khan appears as the hero and Deepika as the villain.

Update On Dhoom 4

According to the news on foreign media, new news regarding the fourth film of Bollywood’s most successful film series Dhoom, made under the banner of Yash Raj Films, has come out, that the negotiations between Yash Raj Production Company and Deepika Padukone have entered the final stages.

However, it has not been announced whether she will be the heroine or the villain in the film. It is not yet clear when Dhoom 4 will be released, but it is believed that the final announcement regarding the cast of the film will be made by the middle of this year. Shooting will be started.

Dhoom 3 Was Released In 2013

The last and third film of the Dhoom series was released in December 2013, in which Mr. Aamir Khan played the role of the villain. In other words, John Ibrahim and Hrithik Roshan were in the second film, while Aamir Khan was made the villain in the third film.

History Of All 3 Dhoom Films

Remember that with the release of the third film of the Dhoom series, the fourth film was announced, seven years have passed but no progress has been made, the first film of the Dhoom series was released in 2004, while the second one was released 2 years later. 2006 and the third year was released in 2013 but no confirmed news about the fourth film has come out.

Now social media news is claiming that Dhoom 4 is going to star two big actors Shahrukh Khan as the hero and Deepika as the villain, but again there is no confirmation yet.

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