Huge Blast Destroys Home In Washington DC, Suspect Escaped

Blast Destroys Home In Washington DC

A house was destroyed by a huge Blast in Washington DC, but the accused escaped. The blast caused partial damage to nearby buildings. Blast Destroys Home In Washington DC

Firing In The House Before The Explosion

According to the police, the tragic incident occurred on Monday when an explosion occurred in the suburbs of Washington, DC. After serving a search warrant in a house, the suspect opened fire and then detonated, the explosion shook nearby buildings while the sound spread far and wide.

The Video Of The Explosion Went Viral

A video of flames rising from a house also went viral on social media. Eyewitnesses also saw the flames rising from the building and described their impressions. On the other hand, the firefighter reached the spot and brought the fire under control. The police also started an investigation into the blast.

According to the police, in the house where the explosion took place, they received reports of firing a flare gun, on which the police obtained a search warrant and tried to enter the house, while the suspect first fired shots and then detonated.

Also, in an online video, a SWAT team vehicle can be seen moving towards the residence when the blast occurred. According to the latest reports, some of the residents were evacuated by the police while the rest went to a safer place. No one has been taken to the hospital till the latest reports. However, it is investigating from all angles and the suspect will be arrested soon.

Officials did not proceed to the house and they could not ascertain that some people died in the home. According to Savage, the explosion happened while the suspect was still inside. At this stage, we are aware of only one person in the house, according to Savage.

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