Bollywood Movies 2023 | Dunki And Salaar Release

Dunki And Salaar Release

Bollywood new movies 2023 Release Date, Dunki and Salaar who will rule the box office? When will the two movies be released, everyone seems to be asking this question, a new discussion started on social media to see the popularity of Indian superstars Shah Rukh Khan and Prabhas’ soon-to-be-released movies ‘Dunki’ and ‘Salaar’ among the public. Let’s try to find out which film is more popular among the fans of Dunki and Salaar.

Movies Salaar And Dunki Bump Into Each Other

Shah Rukh Khan, who is ruling the box office this year with blockbuster films like ‘Pathan’ and ‘Jawan’, is ready to release his third film ‘Dunki’ before the end of this year. Unlike Prabhas, whose movies are also record-breakers, is ready to hit ‘Dunki’ with his film ‘Saalaar’.

Dunki And Salaar Released On 22nd December

This clash of two mega-budget movies is expected on 22nd December this year which is a surprise not only for the moviegoers but also for the film producers and everyone is eagerly waiting for this film battle. The simultaneous release of the two films is meant to be a high-grossing race in which both are huge in their own right.

Shah Rukh Khan has already broken the record of all movies by earning the highest grosser, leaving behind the film of the filmmaker Shah Rukh Khan. Various predictions are being made regarding the success of both movies on social media, and in this regard, a poll was conducted by a page on the social networking website ‘X’, on which Bollywood celebrities appeared to express their opinions.

Movies Salaar 2024 Be Released?

Fans of South Indian actor Prabhas are eagerly waiting for his new movie ‘Salaar’ and are also supporting him, similarly, Shah Rukh’s fans are very excited about the film ‘Dunki’. On the one hand, it is being said about the film Salaar that its release may be postponed till 2024 to avoid a clash with Shahrukh Khan’s film Dunki at the box office, on the other hand, the director of the movie ‘Saalar’ Prashant Neil’s statement has come out that it will be released on the scheduled date i.e. December 22 this year with a strategy to avoid collision.

Salaar: Release Date, Trailer, Songs, Cast
  • Release Date22 December 2023
  • LanguageTelugu
  • Dubbed in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada
  • GenreAction, Drama, Thriller
  • Cast
    Prabhas, Shruti Haasan, Jagapathi Babu, Easwari Rao, Madhu Guruswamy
  • Director
    Prashanth Neel
  • Writer
    Prashanth Neel
  • CinematographyBhuvan Gowda
  • MusicRavi Basrur
  • Producer
    Vijay Kiragandur
  • Production
    Hombale Films
The Movie Salaar Is More Popular Than The Trailer Dunki

movie experts say that Salaar is getting a lot of popularity due to Shah Rukh Khan’s movie Dunki and that is why the release is not being pushed forward. Reacting to this possible clash, a trade expert at ‘X’ said, ‘All the rumors about the filmmaker’s release are just to hype the film.’

Along with the trailer launch of the movie Salaar, a strong release strategy is also being worked on. The filmmaker believes in the popularity of Prabhas, which is why he is looking forward to the clash and is also hopeful that the movies will definitely succeed and beat Shah Rukh’s Dunki, but the decision will be made only after the release of the films. It will be possible.

The Movie “Salaar” Should Not Be Considered As “KGF”?

Salaar should not be considered as KGF, the answers to the questions in people’s minds have come out, and director Prashanth Neel’s big reaction has come out regarding the new action thriller film Salaar of Telugu cinema’s most popular actor Prabhas Raju. In an interview with a private channel, he explained the difference between the movie Salaar and KGF. Viewers should not make the mistake of mistaking it for KGF.

Difference Between Filmmaker And KGF

Regarding the movie ‘Saalar‘, Shanth Neil clarified that it is the story of two friends who become the biggest enemies. Friendship is the main passion of Salaar, while Salaar is shown in two parts, the first part of the film tells half the story, but if you watch the second part, the story will be complete.

I saw it in the trailer of the movie, this is the reason why the trailer became so popular, so time will tell how popular the movie will be. Prashanth Neel also clarified the difference between the two films, saying that filmmakers and KGF have different story-telling styles along with different emotional aspects.

Viewers don’t even think Salaar is similar to KGF, Salaar has his own world, emotions, and character. I hope people will definitely watch and like Salaar. He also praised Prabhas’ acting, saying that he has a unique blend of innocence and aggression which is captured very well in the movie.

Dunki And Salaar Release
Bollywood Movies 2023 | Dunki And Salaar Release

Shruti’s Birthday Parsalaar Poster Release

On the other hand, the poster of the famous Bollywood actress Shruti Haasan’s movie Salaar was released on her birthday. Actress Shruti Haasan celebrated her 32nd birthday on January 28, 2023. Director Prashant Neel took to Twitter to congratulate her on this important day of her life and released the poster of her new film Salaar.

He wrote in his tweet, “Happy Birthday Shruti Haasan.” Thank you for being a part of the film ‘Saalar’ and spreading colors on the set of the film. It may be noted that actress Shruti Haasan was last seen in Vijay Sethupathi’s ‘Labam’. Now the actress is awaiting the release of her new film ‘Saalar’ and is also working on Nandamuri Balakrishna’s upcoming film.

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