Big Decision of SC, PTI’s Symbol Bat Ended, Ladla Changed

PTI's Symbol Bat Ended

The Big Decision of SC, PTI’s symbol Bat has ended, and Ladla has changed. The Supreme Court excluded PTI from the 2024 election, the court invalidated the intra-party elections, the court also invalidated the decision of the Peshawar High Court, that is, the fight was between the Election Commission and Tehreek-e-Insaf and never fought with the institutions. I wonder if those who challenge the institution and the state ever win. But when the heart was filled with one ladla, another ladla was imposed, let’s try to find the answers to all these questions.

Pakistani politics is running on ladles, one ladle goes and another comes, the decision of the Supreme Court just before the election changed history, the Election Commission allotted the election symbol lantern to ANP for not conducting intra-party elections. In a battle between two elephants, only one wins. The same thing happened with old Ladley, just for the sake of bringing down one man, the Election Commission used its powers to the fullest and out-classed PTI on technical grounds before the election.

The Election Commission’s Controversial Institution

By the way, the Election Commission had already become controversial before the elections, because Imran Khan had accused the Election Commission of bias in many of his rallies, in return today he took away the right to participate in the elections from PTI. Ladla lost the ongoing battle with the Election Commission, a big institution, because the state also stood with this institution, so this is the fate of those who clash with the state.

Intra-party Elections Of Pakistani Political Parties

Are the intra-party elections of all the political parties of Pakistan correct, if this question is asked to the Election Commission, what answer will they have, because at this time the direction of the winds has changed while the target is Tehreek-e-Insaaf.
The Election Commission succeeded in excluding PTI from the election because the news was coming that the biggest obstacle in making Nawaz Sharif the Prime Minister was Imran Khan who was put in jail, but the matter did not stop there, rather It went further than that. If the elections had been held during this period, Ladla would have won, but now Ladla has changed, that’s why the Election Commission has disqualified Imran Khan and stripped him of the chairmanship of the party, which will definitely benefit the new Ladla.

How Did Gohra Ejaz Become PTI Chairman?

Now when the Election Commission knew that an inter-party election would have to be held for the second chairman, then when the inter-party election of PTI was held again and Gohar Ejaz became the chairman, the Election Commission woke up and declared this election of the party null and void.

Where Did PTI Go Wrong?

Now you must be thinking where did they go wrong, so we tell you that suddenly from nowhere, Akbar S. Babar, the defiant founding member of PTI appeared, and he decided to contest the election, but Gohra Ijaz did not give him a chance. The opposing party knew that this would happen and prepared a plan for it.
As soon as Gohar Ejaz announced to be his chairman, the Election Commission stood like a wall because this time there was a plan to remove Imran Khan from the chairmanship and make Akbar S. Babar the chairman which failed. The entire election was declared null and void. This is the mistake on the basis of which the Supreme Court restored the decision of the Election Commission and withdrew the election symbol of the bat from PTI.

Supreme Court’s Order To Hold Intra-party Elections

The Supreme Court ordered the PTI to re-organize the intra-party election but one thing is not understood why the decision was delayed so much, this is the question that people are concerned about.
The decision of the Supreme Court has said that the Election Commission has given notice to PTI to hold inter-party elections in 2021 and has given time to hold the elections till June 2022, otherwise it has been told to collect election symbols.

PTI Did Not Conduct Inter-party Elections

The Supreme Court in its judgment explained the difference between democracy and dictatorship and clarified that PTI did not hold inter-party elections, people in Tehreek-e-Insaf came from selection, not election, the whole body came without competition, and anyone else was elected by PTI. It was not allowed to fight intra-party elections, it became clear that Akbar S. Babar was a founding member but then he changed the constitution.

The verdict said that Pakistan came into being through democracy, dictatorship cannot run in Pakistan, it is not proven that PTI has conducted intra-party elections, political parties in Pakistan have to conduct intra-party elections, PTI has not told the Election Commission. He said that where the intra-party elections are being held, the Peshawar High Court’s objection to Section 215 of the Election Act was a violation of the petition before him.

Social Media Uproar Over Supreme Court Decision

After the decision of the Supreme Court, there was an uproar on social media, then the same storm of misbehavior started. There are a lot of accusations against each other in the media, and even senior journalist Hamid Mir started trending. His tweet went viral in which he wrote that the difference between Qazi Faiz Isa and Saqib Nisar has ended.

PTI Is Out Of The Election, Non-League Benefit

Muslim League-Nun will benefit the most from ousting Tehreek-e-Insaf from the election and their wish was also fulfilled, because Ladla or his party could not form the government in the presence of PTI, just like Nawaz Sharif’s efforts to form the government. In the same way, Imran Khan has conspired to be put behind bars, and for all the measures, the way the government machinery was used indiscriminately is unprecedented.


Q1: What is the recent decision of the Supreme Court regarding PTI’s symbol, Bat?
A1: The Supreme Court recently made a significant decision, excluding PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) from the 2024 election. The court invalidated the intra-party elections conducted by PTI and also overturned the decision of the Peshawar High Court.

Q2: Why did the Supreme Court invalidate PTI’s intra-party elections?
A2: The Supreme Court invalidated PTI’s intra-party elections, signaling a discrepancy or irregularity in the process. The specific reasons for this decision were not explicitly mentioned in the provided content.

Q3: What was the role of the Election Commission in this matter?
A3: The Election Commission played a crucial role in the recent events. It excluded PTI from the 2024 election and assigned the election symbol “lantern” to ANP (Awami National Party) due to PTI’s failure to conduct proper intra-party elections.

Q4: Was the legal battle between PTI and the Election Commission?

A4: Yes, the legal battle unfolded between PTI and the Election Commission. The Supreme Court’s decision indicates that the conflict was primarily between Tehreek-e-Insaf and the Election Commission, and not with other institutions.

Q5: How did the Supreme Court’s decision impact Pakistani politics?
A5: The Supreme Court’s decision had a profound impact on Pakistani politics. It altered the course of history just before the elections, as PTI was excluded, and ANP received the election symbol “lantern.”

Q6: Why did the Election Commission use its powers against PTI?
A6: The Election Commission took a strong stance against PTI, possibly motivated by the failure of PTI to conduct intra-party elections. The content suggests that this decision was made on technical grounds, highlighting the Election Commission’s commitment to upholding electoral standards.

Q7: How did the change in PTI’s symbol affect the political landscape?
A7: The change in PTI’s symbol, from “bat” to something else, symbolizes a shift in the political landscape. It reflects the power dynamics and strategic moves within Pakistani politics, particularly in the context of the upcoming election.


One thing to mention here is that it is the fundamental right of all political parties to contest the election. If they win the election by minus Imran Khan while fulfilling the wish of the Non-League, then what did they win? In this way, this election will not be a selection, that is, it is controversial before the election. The history of Pakistan is full of such actions, elections in Pakistan have always been controversial and this tradition continues even today. How long do you think the coming PML-N government will last, you must express your views by commenting.

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