The Movie A Very Good Girl Released, Kathryn and Dolly De Leon

A Very Good Girl Movie

The movie A Very Good Girl was released, by Kathryn Bernardo, and  Dolly De Leon‘s movie created a stir, every country in the world makes movies in their own language, but this time the Philippines surprised everyone by making the movie A Very Good Girl.

Why was this movie released in America?, Why is this movie The Very Good Girl trending on social media, we will get answers to these and many other questions in our blog today.

Introduction To A Very Good Girl Movie

In the arena of cinema, some moments go beyond boundaries, taking pictures of hearts and minds on a worldwide scale. “A Very Good Girl,” the contemporary imparting from ABS-CBN, guarantees to be one such moment. As the main media and amusement business enterprise in the Philippines, ABS-CBN has always driven the limits of storytelling, and this movie isn’t an exception. With a stellar cast, a gripping storyline, and a dedication to bringing the Filipino way of life to the arena.

“A Very Good Girl” is about to make waves now no longer handiest in its domestic United States additionally in chosen theaters throughout the US on October 6, 2023. As we dive into the info of this cinematic masterpiece, we’re going to discover the skills in the back of the scenes, the effective narrative that unfolds on screen, and ABS-CBN’s willpower to worldwide accessibility. Join us in this adventure into the coronary heart of Filipino cinema, wherein revenge, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of girls take the middle stage.

A Very Good Film Produced By ABS, CBN

The famous media and leisure powerhouse inside the Philippines, ABS-CBN, is gearing up for an interesting cinematic launch it is set to captivate audiences now no longer handiest in its domestic USA. but additionally throughout the globe. “A Very Good Girl,” today’s movie from ABS-CBN, is ready to hit pick-out theaters inside the United States on October 6.

This cinematic masterpiece capabilities a star-studded cast, such as the likes of Golden Globe Award and BAFTA Award Nominee Dolly de Leon, recognized for her tremendous roles in “A Triangle of Sadness,” “Verdict,” and “History ni Ha,” along Asian Box Office Superstar Kathryn Bernardo, famed for her wonderful performances in “Hello, Love, Goodbye,” and “Barcelona: A Love Untold.”

A Tale of Revenge And Resilience
“A Very Good Girl,” directed via way of means of the gifted Petersen Vargas and brilliantly penned via way of means of Marianne Mancol, Daniel Saniana, and Jumbo Albano, unfolds a gripping narrative targeted around self-made girls navigating their lives around every other.  The plot takes a dramatic flip after a ruthless firing triggers a sequence of unlucky events. Philo, portrayed via way of means of the dynamic Kathryn Bernardo, meticulously plots revenge in opposition to retail magnate Mother Molly, performed via way of means of the incomparable Dolly de Leon. Her aim? To dismantle Mother Molly’s empire and attain the last payback. This time, there can be no mercy.

ABS-CBN’s Commitment To Global Accessibility

This launch is a testament to ABS-CBN’s ongoing dedication to creating Filipino content material handy globally. It’s additionally a party for the thirtieth anniversary of Star Cinema, an outstanding movie studio, manufacturing company, and movie distributor primarily based totally inside the Philippines.

The Powerhouse Behind the Film

ABS-CBN Corporation, a main media and leisure company in the Philippines, performs a pivotal position in the manufacturing of leisure, characteristic movies, news, and audio content material for home and worldwide audiences. They attain their target target market via diverse platforms, such as cable and satellite TV for PC TV, home-unfastened TV partnerships with nearby broadcasters, third-birthday birthday celebration virtual platforms, and conventional box-workplace releases.

ABS-CBN Extends Streaming

ABS-CBN extends its attain via its streaming service, iWantTFC, and co-manufacturing and syndication agreements with worldwide streaming platforms, broadcasters, and cable and satellite TV for PC programmers. Their associated companies encompass artist and expertise management, in addition to concert events and events.

Anniversary Of ABS-CBN Film

Star Cinema, additionally referred to as ABS-CBN Film Productions, Inc., stands as the ideal Filipino movie manufacturing and distribution outfit. Celebrating its thirtieth anniversary, the company, based in 1993, boasts a wealthy portfolio of over two hundred movies spanning diverse genres, catering to Filipinos of every age and walks of life, each regionally and globally. ABS-CBN Film Productions, Inc. stays steadfast in its assignment to supply excellent movie leisure even as strengthens its marketplace leadership, profitability, and inner company.

A Testament To Filipino Cinema

“A Very Good Girl” isn’t always simply a movie; it’s miles a testimony to the resilience and creativity of Filipino cinema. As ABS-CBN and Star Cinema continue to create and distribute content material that resonates with audiences worldwide, they reaffirm their dedication to bringing Filipino subculture and testimonies to the worldwide stage.

A Very Good Girl Released  

Don’t forget to watch “A Very Good Girl” movie in the USA on October 6, 2023, directed by Patterson Vargas.

1. Global Reach: What are your thoughts on the global reach of Filipino content?
In an interconnected world, the ability to share cultural stories is more important than ever, which is why its global reach has increased.

2. International Reception: How do you think “A Very Good Girl” will be received by international audiences?
This film will be well-liked outside the borders of the Philippines, film experts said that it is hoped that people from other countries will also like this film.

3. Star Cinema Milestone: Are you excited about Star Cinema’s 30th Anniversary?
Star Cinema has completed thirty years after which its thirtieth anniversary is being celebrated, which is why it is quite optimistic that its movie The Good Girl will be quite popular, the social media users are also reacting to the movie.

A Very Good Girl Movie
The Movie A Very Good Girl Released, Kathryn and Dolly De Leon


Q1: What is “A Very Good Girl” about?
“A Very Good Girl” is a captivating film that follows the story of self-made women, Philo and Mother Molly, as they navigate their lives spherical each other. After a ruthless firing triggers a sequence of events, Philo meticulously plots revenge in competition with Mother Molly, aiming to dismantle her empire and gain the remaining payback.

Q2: When is the release date for “A Very Good Girl”?
The film is prepared to be released in choose-out theaters at some point in the United States on October 6, 2023.

Q3: Who are the lead actors in the film?
The film capabilities a star-studded cast, which includes the Golden Globe Award and BAFTA Award Nominee Dolly de Leon and Asian Box Office Superstar Kathryn Bernardo in the lead roles.

Q4: What is ABS-CBN’s function inside the film industry?

ABS-CBN Corporation is an outstanding media and entertainment organization in the Philippines, actively involved in the production of entertainment, functional films, news, and audio content material cloth for every domestic and international audience. They are identified for their willpower to grow Filipino content material cloth to be had globally.

Q5: What is Star Cinema’s significance in Filipino cinema?
Star Cinema, moreover referred to as ABS-CBN Film Productions, Inc., is a maximum green Filipino film production and distribution outfit. With over 30 years of history, they’ve produced over a hundred films at some point of several genres, catering to Filipinos of each age and walks of life, both domestically and globally.

Q6: How can I manual the creators of this film?

You can manual the creators and the film through manner of way of searching it in theaters while it’s miles released and sharing your thoughts and delight on social media. Additionally, you can find opportunities to engage with and promote the Filipino lifestyle in your close by community.


In the grand tapestry of cinema, “A Very Good Girl” stands as a testimony to the creativity and resilience of Filipino filmmakers. With ABS-CBN’s ongoing dedication to creating Filipino content material available globally and Star Cinema’s 30-12 months legacy of turning in the best amusement,

this movie encapsulates the essence of an enterprise that continues to adapt and flourish. As we eagerly look ahead to the release of “A Very Good Girl” on October 6, 2023, inside the United States, permit us to have amusing now not best a film, but a cultural milestone.

The global accessibility of Filipino content material cloth is now not a dream but a reality, and “A Very Good Girl” is prepared to be a beacon of the Filipino way of life on the worldwide stage. So mark your calendars, percent your thoughts on social media, and be a part of inside the satisfaction as we expect the arrival of this cinematic triumph.

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