Hardeep Singh Nijjar Killer Found | War Between Canada And India

India Involved in Hardeep Murder

The killer of Hardeep Singh Nijjar was found, and the Canadian Prime Minister announced the big news. He clearly said that India was involved in the murder of Hardeep Sing Najjar, the situation between the two countries became tense, and the ambassadors of each other were also expelled,  In this blog we will give complete details about the killing of Hardeep Singh and the war between Canada and India

Canada Reaches World Leaders Against India

The danger of conflict between Canada and India increased after the killing of Canadian citizen Hardeep Singh Nijjar with the aid of using Indian company RAW, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau began contacting international leaders in opposition to India. According to overseas media reports, Justin Trudeau instructed the arena leaders approximately the homicide of Hardeep Singh. He has instructed US President Joe Biden approximately India’s involvement in the homicide. The Canadian Prime Minister additionally instructed British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and French President Emmanuel Macron the info on the Sikh chief’s homicide.

India Rejected Canada’s Allegation

On the opposite hand, India has denied the Canadian high minister’s involvement in the homicide of a pro-Khalistan Sikh chief and has additionally requested a senior Canadian diplomat to depart the U.S…. While Canada has already expelled an Indian diplomat over this issue. The Canadian overseas minister has stated that the Indian diplomat Pawan Kumar, who turned into expelled in this case, turned into the pinnacle of India’s intelligence company ‘RA’ in Canada.

Hardeep Singh Nijjar Was Murdered

Canadian citizen Hardeep Singh Nagar was shot out of the doors of a Sikh Gurudwara inside the province of British Columbia on June 18 this year. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated in his speech to the Canadian Parliament on Monday that India be concerned about the killing of Hardeep Singh and that the u.s .’s intelligence companies have determined a ‘credible’ hyperlink between the Sikh chief’s loss of life and the Indian state. has been pointed out. The complicity of the remote places government in the killing of a Canadian citizen on Canadian soil is an unacceptable violation of our sovereignty. The Prime Minister of Canada bluntly stated that it’s also a contravention of the vital thoughts of free, open, and democratic societies.

Canadian Prime Minister’s Reaction
In reaction to the Canadian Prime Minister’s accusation, the response of the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs additionally got out. “Allegations of Indian authorities’s involvement in any acts of violence in Canada are absurd,” the declaration delivered.

India Rejected Canada’s Allegation

Similar allegations have been made with the aid of using the Prime Minister of Canada in opposition to our Prime Minister and they have been absolutely rejected. The Indian overseas ministry declaration delivered that India is a democratic u.s . with the guideline of thumb of regulation and “such baseless allegations are seeking to divert interest from Khalistani terrorists and extremists who’re refugees in Canada and are continuously threatening India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. India additionally says that the Canadian authorities’ loss of motion on the difficulty has been a reason for the subject for a protracted time.

Canadian Diplomat Expelled From India

In reaction to the statements of the Canadian Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, India’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Arndam Bagchi has stated that “India has expelled the Canadian diplomat.” The High Commissioner of Canada has been summoned and knowledgeable approximately this choice of the Indian authorities. The diplomat worried has been requested to go away from India within the subsequent 5 days.

Hardeep Singh Nijjar
Hardeep Singh Nijjar Killer Found | War Between Canada And India

Canadian High Commissioner To India

the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs invited the High Commissioner of Canada to India, and then the Canadian High Commissioner Cameron Mackey arrived at the headquarters of the Ministry of External Affairs inside the South Block of New Delhi after an assembly that lasted for some minutes, Cameron Mackey visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Went again from the Foreign Office. During this time he no longer spoke to the media. Earlier on Monday, Canadian Foreign Minister Melania Jolie informed newshounds after Prime Minister Trudeau’s feedback that Canada had additionally expelled pinnacle Indian diplomat Pawan Kumar Roy on Monday over the difficulty.

Indian Diplomats Agents Of RAW

In reaction to a question, he stated that the pinnacle Indian diplomat who was expelled from Canada became the top of India’s mystery enterprise RAW in Canada. Canadian Foreign Minister Melania Jolie stated that the Canadian government is not able to launch greater facts publicly amid ongoing research into the Sikh chief’s homicide. Investigators in Canada had in advance defined the loss of life of 45-year-vintage Hardeep Singh as a ‘centered killing’.

Hardeep Singh Nijjar Homicide In June

Sikh chief Hardeep Singh was shot lifeless by masked gunmen in mid-June in a hectic automobile park on the Guru Nanak Sikh Gurudwara in Surrey, approximately 30 kilometers from Vancouver. He became an outstanding Sikh chief in the western province of British Columbia, Canada, and publicly campaigned for a Khalistan state. The Khalistan motion is truly a motion for an unbiased Sikh place of birth inside the Punjab province of India. His supporters say he has been threatened with inside the beyond due to his activism.

Hardeep Singh Nijjar Declared Terrorist

The Indian authorities had specific Hardeep Singh as a terrorist and accused him of main a militant separatist group. Hardeep Singh’s supporters name those allegations ‘baseless’. Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau stated that Canada has expressed its worries over Hardeep Singh’s loss of life to high-degree safety and intelligence businesses in India. He has additionally spoken to the United States President Joe Biden and the British Prime Minister Rishi Sonak whilst elevating this difficulty together along with his allies, the USA and the United Kingdom.

India Not Cooperate On Hardeep’s Murder

He stated, “I had been pronouncing in clean phrases that the Government of India ought to cooperate with Canada to analyze this matter.” Justice Trudeau stated the killing of Hardeep Singh has angered Canadians, with a few fearing for his or her safety. Some Sikh agencies in Canada, together with the World Sikh Organization, welcomed the top minister’s announcement, pronouncing Justin Trudeau showed what the Sikh network already broadly believed. There are an anticipated 1. four to 1. eight million Canadian residents of Indian origin. Canada has the biggest populace of Sikhs out of the doors of Punjab in India.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s announcement came here after his irritating assembly with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at some stage in the G20 summit in India final week. According to an announcement from the Indian authorities, ‘During this assembly, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, regarding the separatist Sikh motion in Canada, alleged that Canada became no longer doing sufficient to forestall the anti-India sports of extremist factors inside the country. doing This became the motive because of which the space between the 2 international locations increased۔


The killing of Hardeep Singh no longer simply stunned his fanatics but additionally broke diplomatic family members between Canada and India, as Canada alleges that its citizen turned into killed with the aid of the Indian intelligence employer RAW. Only time will tell who will win the war of accusations between India and Canada, but this tense atmosphere needs to be immediately rectified and the killers of Hardeep Singh Najjar need to be arrested, only then will this war between the two countries stop. will be able to


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