Hardeep Singh Nijjar Killer Found | War Between Canada And India

Hardeep Singh Nijjar

India Involved in Hardeep Murder The killer of Hardeep Singh Nijjar was found, and the Canadian Prime Minister announced the big news. He clearly said that India was involved in the murder of Hardeep Sing Najjar, the situation between the two countries became tense, and the ambassadors of each other were also expelled,  In this … Read more

May 1st Worldwide Labor Day Quotes

Labor Day Quotes

1 May Labor Day quotes May 1st is celebrated worldwide as Labor Day quotes. In Chicago in 1884, the rising voice against the capitalist class, and its sweaty power, was bathed in blood. In April 1886, all the workers decided to gather together in the city of Chicago, America. On this occasion, more than 250,000 … Read more