About us

Greetings from Karachi, Pakistan! I am Javed Sadiq, a seasoned journalist with a journey spanning twenty-five remarkable years in the realm of media. My career has witnessed a dynamic shift from print media to electronic platforms, all while embracing the transformative power of social media. Allow me to share my story and introduce you to the world of “Fake News” – a name that sparks curiosity but houses a treasure trove of professional and general news.

A Journey through Media:
My passion for journalism ignited two and a half decades ago, setting me on a path of discovery, storytelling, and knowledge dissemination. The print media era honed my skills and instilled in me the art of capturing stories within the confines of ink and paper. Transitioning to electronic media brought new dimensions as I embraced the digital age, reaching audiences with immediacy and visual impact.

Beyond Borders as a Social Media Influencer:
In the ever-evolving landscape of communication, my journey extended into the realm of social media influence. Engaging with audiences across platforms, I’ve been able to bridge geographical distances and connect with individuals globally. It’s a privilege to foster conversations, share insights, and contribute to the discourse that shapes our world.

Professional Generalist at “Fake News”:
As a professional generalist, I’ve launched “Fake News” with a vision that transcends the name itself. Our platform delves into a spectrum of news, ranging from the most serious of professional subjects to the intriguing tapestry of general interest topics. The name “Fake News” is a nod to the paradox of misinformation that surrounds us, but within our virtual walls, you’ll find only factual, reliable, and well-researched content.

Exploring Our Blog:
Join us on our journey of rapid growth as we navigate a diverse range of news stories from around the globe. Our blog is a reflection of our commitment to presenting news with integrity and depth. Whether you’re seeking insights into international affairs or heartwarming stories from local communities, our platform offers a rich and comprehensive experience.

Local and Non-Local Perspectives:
Our dedication to broadening horizons is evident in our local and non-local blogs. We understand that stories that matter can emerge from any corner of the world. Through our content, we aim to bring you closer to your own community while also introducing you to the global tapestry of cultures, events, and ideas.

Join the Conversation:
I invite you to immerse yourself in the world of “Fake News” and become an active participant in our journey. Let’s engage in meaningful dialogues, embrace diverse viewpoints, and collectively expand our understanding of the world we inhabit.

Thank you for being a part of this exciting endeavor.

Warm regards,

Javed Sadiq